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Marion, Ohio

President Warren G. Harding's Memorial. I know I have other pictures; but am in need of organizing. Lost thousands of photo's that were on my computer at this time yesterday. So, please bare with me as I post things as I find them. I must reload from memory stick, and CD's and get organized. Painful. However, that doesn't lessen the fun I had as a child here at this Memorial. I lived within walking distance, and biking distance. The grounds are gorgeous, a bit hilly and an awesome place to play, to run, to roll down hills. All things we did there as kids. We enjoyed sledding there in winter. Plus, there's a park right across the street. Not to diminish showing proper respect for this man, who was our President; but this would be a good outing for people of all ages. History for Mom and Dad to enjoy, a park for the children and the pets to stretch their legs. Plan a picnic with the park right there.
Facts and items of interest:He was born during the …

The Many Faces of Vegas

Vegas has many faces, though I think the first word that comes to mind is gambling, there are other things to do there. This is my collage to show some of the different faces I saw while in Vegas.

Left to right:
The architecture is fabulous, both inside and out. The buildings are beautiful. Some representing buildings/places that exist around the country, some represent locations around the world, such as The Eiffel Tower.Hoover Dam, not far from Vegas has a fabulous tour you can take and learn all about the building of the Dam. The views from that area are a photo must.Art. Art in many forms abounds; but my favorite would have been The Chihuly glass pieces.The flowers inside and out are breath takingly beautiful, and always in bloom. You never see a dead flower, or plant in need of pruning.The lights, the nightlife, the water fountains, and water shows are awesome.The pretend skies make you forget you're not outside. The view shown is in a shopping mall. The ski actually cha…

Traveling down Memory Lane/ a Dedication

Today, I'm asking you all to travel with me down memory lane. Today would be my parents 62nd Wedding Anniversary. After much difficulty due to compatibility issues between my new computer and my photo's and scanner, I finally have a memory post. Please, please visit me here to help me on this special day.

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Monticello, Virginia

Monticello, in a word; BEAUTIFUL! A house 40 years in the making. Take a drive and see how fast houses go up these days, quite different indeed. Thomas Jefferson's house was continuous. He designed it, began building and constantly added to and made alterations; and thus it was 40 years in the making. You can tour the inside and the grounds surrounding the house. Various ticket prices are available based on whether you buy on line ahead of time, the day of, or purchase a combination ticket. March through October the visiting hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm with reduced hours the other months. A statesmen, a farmer, a President, an inventor. Many of his inventions still exist in some form today. He loved books, visiting his library is a must. The most interesting thing to me were the separate book shelves. Each shelf was made independent of those it sat on or under. Because Thomas Jefferson traveled a great deal and always wanted to take books with him, e…

Pebble Beach, California

Pebble Beach, a golfers paradise, famous even among non-golfers. Seen by many of us when watching The US Open on our TV's. A scene of wind swept sand, waves crashing the beach along side a lush green golf course comes to mind. Pebble Beach in Montery County on the Monterey Peninsula is a gated community about 40 miles north of Big Sur.

If you wondered about how the affluent live behind those gates communities, take the 17 mile sometimes scenic Pebble Beach Tour. A fee of $9.50 per car is charged to take this tour. Sometimes you get a glimpse of an elaborate house, though often they are completely out of sight due to large stone walls, or privacy landscaping. Sometimes you see a scenic view of the beach and ocean as you wind your way along. Here you see seals dotting the beach landscape, a house barely visible up in the trees.
The US open has been held here in 1972,1982,1992, 2000 and is scheduled again in 2010.
The famous Ben Crosby Clambake tournament began here in 1937 and…


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Spend the day touring galleries, cathedrals, museums. Ride the metro, take a tour on the water, visit The Peter The Great Memorial, Victory Park, St. Basils Cathedral, Red Square. Photograph the spires and domes in all …

Richmond, Virginia

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The American Civil War Center is located at The Historic Tredegar Iron Works at 490 Tredegar Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Truly this is in downtown Richmond, from the center you can see the downtown skyscrapers. The sign welcoming you to The American Civil War Center is on a large Arch from one of the original buildings. "To Bind up the Nations Wounds" Stature seems most appropriate. The museum shows 3 different perspectives of the cause and effective of The Civil War. Three vastly different perspectives are that of The Union, The Confederate, and The African American. The center is open 9-5 daily except special holidays. Entrance fees are $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for students and seniors, and reduced to $2.00 for children; with those younger than 6 free. Tredegar Iron Works was founded in 1836 and named after a Welsh town.

In 1847 it was producing cannons for The US Government and armor plates …