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Florida Sunshine in Palm Beach

This is the sunrise I enjoyed this am while drinking my coffee and sitting on my balcony.

The suitcase is out and about, therefore I won't be dropping on my fellow EntreCarder's.  My posts will be limited in terms of pictures using different computer and I don't really good photo software at the moment.  Please bare with me, folks.  Will post more on return.

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Do you love Southwest Airliines as much as I do?  We always have good service, with friendly nice hostesses.  Even though we were delayed twice yesterday on our quest to get to the Florida Sunshine, everyone made the best of it.  Our captain mingled about the cabin talking with people, the hostess sang two funny songs and really entertained people.  Thanks to them, no one got irritated and that made the trip so much more plesant than it might have been with the delay. 

Budweiser Brewery, St. Louis, Missouri

We toured The Budweiser Brewery when we traveled to St. Louis. It was still an American owned, family owned company at the time. Sad to know after all the traditional things we saw it no longer fits that category. The plant is spotless, the guided tours are interesting and educational. I particularly enjoyed the historic buildings, and pictures of the original family members.

The building that served as the school for family and workers is still in use, occupied as office space now.

This is a good tourist item for a rainy day and general travel throughout St. Louis.

At the end of the tour you do have options of tasting. I'm not a beer drinker; but my husband and daughter enjoyed that part. I'm a wine drinker. Didn't want to give the wrong idea here. There's pop for the kids too, so no one is left out.

Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

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This statue was the symbol of the city, until replaced with The famous Arch. Apothesis King Louis IX of France resides in Forest Park.

Forest Park:
City owned
Opened to the public in 1876
One of the largest parks in the country
500 acres larger than Central Park in New York (1,293 acres)
Location of The 1904 Worlds Fair
Historic Buildings
Golf...3 courses
Beautiful landscape
Trails for walking, biking, roller blading
Art Museum
History Museum (Missouri Historical Society)
Birding paradise
Muny for opera, Shakespeare and more
Science Center
Ice skating rink (largest outdoor rink in the midwest)
fishing, boating, picnicing

No wonder 12 million people visit this fantastic park every year. My post is a bit unusual above, just listing some of things one can do or find to enjoy while visiting Forest Park. Winter, Spring, Summer, or or night or both. You really must tour this park, and really once …

Danie Boone, St. Charles County, Missouri

“Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.

With an eye like and eagle and as tall as a mountain was he."

Those words probably sound familiar to you, provided you're about my age. Taken from a song written about the legendary Daniel Boone for a television show starring Fess Parker. Growing up Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett were my heroes. Today's children don't really have such heroes. I even had a coonskin cap I loved to wear. Not knowing then, as I do know that Daniel Boone never wore a coonskin cap. Boy was my bubble burst.
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Daniel Boone most generally associated with Kentucky, fighting Indians, founding Boonesborough, and blazing the Wilderness Road through The Cumberland Cap spent his elder years in Missouri. St. Charles County. He moved there prior to Missouri becoming a part of The United States ( in 1804) . The territory was still Spanish Louisiana at the time. He left Kentucky frustrated after losing his l…

St. Charles, Missouri

St. Charles, Missouri (Saint Charles, Missouri), you'll find it listed both ways. A beautiful little quaint village. Old shops to cruise, cafe's to enjoy a fabulous glass of local wine. Art, antiques and more. Peaceful little sleepy little village along the river.

St. Charles was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette, a French Canadian Fur Trader, The Rendezvous and jumping off point for The Lewis and Clark Expedition, first Capital of the State of Missouri in 1826, and home of Daniel Boone one of the first settlers who built a home in the area. It is the oldest settlement in northern Missouri and the third oldest in the state. Originally named for St. Charles Borromeo, Arch Bishop of Milan Italy. There is much history here to explore and enjoy. There were the French Fur Trappers, the Native Americans, an influx of German immigration in 1830, as well as Spanish influence in this beautiful little village.

San Carlos Borromeo was the name of the 2nd church built in the area.…

St Louis Botanical Gardens

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Henry Shaw's dream lives on 150 years later. This year, 2009 marks The Sesquicentennial of The St. Louis Botanical Gardens. The words, awesome, incredible, magnificent, beautiful, and wow all come to mind when I think of the visits we've had there. An Englishman, Henry Shaw felt there was more then just beauty to flowers and plants. He understood their importance and felt the science of, the study of to be necessary. His home was the beginning of this dream. He had an exotic orchid collection.

The St. Louis Botanical Gardens covers 79 acres, is opened all seasons with a wide variety of activities for all, regardless of age and interest. You can purchase your tickets on line, park free and rent a motorized scooter if walking presents a problem. The entire garden acreage is disability friendly, accessible for all to enjoy. Ticket prices vary based on age, whether or not you're a member, and a St. Louis county or city resident.

The lis…