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Carefree, Arizona

As night falls in the desert I'm reminded how small we are compared to the vastness and beauty of nature. The sun is warm, well hot really during the day; but as night comes knocking in the desert all that changes. This fading of the sun in Carefree Arizona was breathtaking. We watched as the shadows grew and the sky and all around changed colors. The process really only took a few minutes; and then it was cold. Time to go. We enjoyed a drink while we watched natures spectacle take over. Colors beyond what an artist can capture on canvas, and beyond what the eye of the camera can hold for you as well.

Carefree is a small quaint little town north of Scotsdale Arizona. We took a drive there to see an empty plot of land (friends may build there after retirement). Gordon Lightfoot sang about The Carefree Highway after being in the area. It's a young town, an upscale town conceived not long ago reallty-just back in the 1950's. Street names give you a feel for the area…

Iwo Jima Monument in Washington, DC

Turn on your sound
In honor of those that gave so much, I thought it fitting to post a tribute to all those who have and are serving our country. I encourage each and everyone of you, regardless of age to visit the Iwo Jima Monument in Washington DC. It's not the easiest of the monuments to find; but well worth the effort.

February 1945, the worst battle in Marine Corp history took place in Iwo Jima, just 660 miles south of Tokyo. The 6 men news photographer, Joe Rosenthal caught on film inspired Felix De Welden to capture so well on this monument are: Ira Hayes (1923-1955), Franklin Sousley (1925-1945), John Bradley (1923-1994), Michael Strank (1919-1945), Rene Gagnon (1926-1979), Harlon Block (1924-1945). The bombardment lasted 72 hours and 7,000 Marines perished. Note the 3 names bolded perished on Iwo Jima.

Though this monument/memorial depicts the arduous and tortuous climb the Marines made up Mount Suribachi, it is in honor of and memory of all Marine Dead who served, a…

Fly like an Eagle to Towers on the Grove, Myrtle Beach

"Fly like an Eagle", you're perhaps thinking and singing the song. But, that's not what this is about. Fly like an Eagle, and go see an Eagle. Where you might ask. Towers on the Grove, an Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. Now I know most people are saving, but you walk on the beach and bask in the sun, or play golf at Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts--and you would be right.

Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels offer many activities, like sunning at the pool, having fun with the kids in the lazy river, snuggling with that special someone in the hot tub, building a sand castle on the beach, or enjoying a fine glass of wine on your private balcony. This Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel offers all that and more. Located in the beautiful Cherry Grove Section you're close to 2 state parks (Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park), where nature lovers can see a Bald Eagle, fish in the marshlands or just enjoy the serene landscape. You're also convenien…

Golf = Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Time Time is on my side - it is. Oh, if only I could sing it for you. lol

If you say 3 words, Myrtle Beach Golf; you've said a mouthful. 100 beautiful golf courses await you, your family, or your group. Play a round or two with Greg Norman, Davis Love, III, Gary Player, Raymond Floyd, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer. Those names are known to even those who don't play golf, they are just some of the famous golfer's who've designed the courses for your enjoyment. Plan a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation any time of the year the weather's a bonus.

Have you racked your brain trying to come up with the "perfect gift idea" for your special someone? Choose a Myrtle Beach Golf Package, your honey won't return it like a sweater that doesn't fit or a tie he doesn't like. Look at the comprehensive list of courses, pick dates, times, check for discounts or special group rates; one stop shopping from the ease of your computer chair. Think of the time, an…

Auckland and Brisbane

What do Auckland accomodation and hotels in Brisbane have in common? After all, Auckland is in New Zealand and Brisbane is in Australia. They are destinations for World Travelers seeking adventure. They are destinations for the savvy traveler looking for something out of the ordinary; something different something exciting.

Read on, if you dare!

Beaches, sunshine, sailing, shopping, fine cuisine, cafe's, museum's and more. Words that are often used to describe vacation destinations; but add coffee, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, ANZAC Square and The Shrine of Remembrance and you're talking about Brisbane, an important location during World War II. Brisbane was The South West Pacific Headquarters for General Douglas MacArthur. And don't forget to stop and see The Old Windmill, for something quaint. It's one of the oldest landmarks in Brisbane.

Add words like yachts, extinct volcanoes, yachts, dolphines, yachts, Polynesian, and did I mention yachts? Now we're ta…

The Horizon at Myrtle Beach

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. What are you and your family doing for Thanksgiving? Plan your most memorable Thanksgiving ever. Plan a trip to this Myrtle Beach Hotel, The Horizon. The Horizon is a family oriented, modern ocean view facility with spacious 1-2-and 3 bedroom condo's. This Myrtle Beach Accommodation located in the heart of Myrtle Beach offers a unique tranquil environment in a beautiful residential area; away from the hubbub and noise. A perfect place for families to enjoy each other.

These Myrtle Beach Accomodations, offer something for everyone with 80 golf courses nearby, indoor and outdoor pools, full kitchens, and oversized balconies really have your families comfort in mind.

Sign up for discount alerts, or enter to win your free 4 night vacation! Couldn't you use some tranquility right about now?

Avista Resorts, Myrtle Beach South Carolina

New Bathing suits. Can you tell I'm getting geared up to pack? Actually the green suit in the middle is the new one I bought. I figured if one is heading to the newest of Myrtle Beach Resorts; one should have a new suit.

That's right this Myrtle Beach Resort is the newest. That means you could be one of the first to stay at this plush resort. How often do you get that chance? Schedule a special Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years get away. They have specials to celebrate being brand spanking new. Maybe you prefer to get away yet this fall and enjoy all the amenities one can possible want at this Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. Walk the beach, sit on your private balcony and enjoy the ocean front views. Spend the day at one of the 3 pools, where you can enjoy the poolside grill. The average temperatures right now are 70-85 (see why I bought a new suit?)

Want a more active vacation? Play golf, rent a sailboat, enjoy a tour by helicopter. Give a gift certificate for …

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We've been busy raking leaves in my part of the country, perhaps you are too. Trade in your rake and colder temperatures for fun at a Myrtle Beach Resort. Grab your golf clubs, this is a golfer's paradise. Countless courses await you. The web-page is interactive, you can plug in the type of course you like, and the times you like to play to find and reserve your tee times. I don't play golf, but hubby sure enjoys it. I'll enjoy time at the pool, and on the beach while he tries to improve his golf game.

While you and your spouse or signifcant other are staying at Myrtle Beach Resorts, take a romantic walk on the beach, sit in the hot tubs, enjoy the night life and entertainment, after consuming a meal at any number of fine dining options available. Traveling with the kids, no matter; lodging at any of the 7 Myrtle Beach Hotels is perfect for you and yours. Spend the day on the beach, or poolside, have fun at the lazy river, go fishing, plenty of family friendly …

Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores, Florida

*a neat rainy morning, though it was brief and didn't ruin the day, as you can see by the sunset that evening, click on pic's to enlarge

Singer Island is named for Paris Eugene Singer, the 23rd child of Isaac Singer, the sewing machine magnate. Sub-tropical weather, and water all around. Beach vacations here are becoming quite popular. Though historically Inlet City (Palm Beach Shores in 1906) was nothing more than a location for fisherman and squatters. Fisherman dried their cotton fish nets out, because there was land there to do so.

Time passes, the rich and famous live now in West Palm Beach, just a short distance away. The land dredged out to help ships pass through the inlet helped to form Singer Island. Built for the wife of Mr. Singer to enjoy her summer home.

Beautiful landscape with the ocean on one side, and shipping inlet on the other. The Island is only a couple of blocks wide. In addition to beautiful sunrises and sunsets; walking the beach, laying out getti…