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Think Green while you Travel

We're just a few days past Earth Hour. I don't know how many of you partipated (we did you can read about it here; but thought in honor of it I'd write this post about thinking Green when you travel. No, I'm not suggest you stop traveling, and yes flying and driving uses gas and therefore that isn't green. Moderation is the key. Travel, explore, learn, and have fun; but think Green. Just because you're not paying the water, the heating or the cooling bill doesn't mean you throw caution and the word moderation out the window. There's still no reason to be wasteful. Why not practice moderation while you're at the resort with taking shorter showers, using your towels and your bedding for a few days. None of us change our beds daily at home, do we need to do that when traveling? All hotels, and resorts have a card you can place on the door or the bed to have your room/condo etc straighten, bed made without having all your linens changed daily. …

Zion National Park, Utah

Looking out the window of the car you can see the clouds covering the top of the mountains, as we begin our tour of Zion National Park. Zion was Utah's first park. Cold misty snow covers the trees, the peaks, and the roadways. You might want to keep this picture handy when you're complaining about being hot in the middle of August. I think seeing it will help to cool you down. lol. Seriously folks can you feel the cold from you sit?

Put on coat, hiking boats, hat, and mittens and come along with hubby and I for a winter hike. Regardless of the season you must come prepared at Zion. Elevations vary from 3,666 to 8,726 feet. With that much elevation change you can have a 30 degree temperature swing in any one day.
Keep your eyes peeled though, it's getting late and some of the animals are out looking for food. Even when they're on the path give them the right away. Don't run! Be still, or move slowly to get out of their way. Running is never good. First…

Traveling Interstate 70, Illinois

World's largest cross measures 198 feet by 113 feet. This large cross is at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interset 57 in Effingham, Illinois. At night it is lit and visible for quite a distance. A beacon.
Visible for a good distance during the day also. It was built by The Effingham Cross Foundation using 180 tons of steel. Please take time to hop off the freeway, follow the small signs to see this up close and personal. There are 10 stations each with a button for audio homilies, a visitors center (with bathroom), and a video you can enjoy. There are several large crosses across the country. Groom Texas boast the 2nd largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. You can see how little hubby is by comparison...the speck of red, that's hubby. Click on the picture to enlarge it for a better view. I've lighten the photo for better visibility, as it was dark and gloomy...misting while we were there.
This picture of me and my bison was taken out front of The Indian …

Keep Pedaling, Hilton Head South Carolina

Get your bike and join me. Mine's the pretty bright lime green bike. Bike rentals are everywhere on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hotels have rentals as do private vendors to make it convenient. Prices are quite affordable. Some private vendors will even delivery your bike to the hotel or resort, while other resorts have the rental right there at your finger tips. I was given a sturdy lock and basket along with my rental; and a map of the trails. Paths go everywhere on the Island. In fact there are 10 scenic miles of bike paths and don't forget you can also ride on the beach.

On a hot summer's day you could enjoy some shade from the tree lined pathways. I get lost easily so pleased to see lots of signs to help you find your way.

You can enjoy trees, birds, beach scenes as well as caulking at the beautiful private homes. There's even a couple of guided tours you can take on your bike. One such popular tour is to Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. …

Pack Kitchen Essentials in your Travels

When you travel one way to save money is to do some cooking yourself. We typically have a kitchen or kitchenette and therefore don't have the need to eat every meal out. We pack small containers of spices that we use in most of favorite dishes. We've even found small containers of salad dressing. You don't want to spend all your time at the grocery store; nor do you want to throw away half used items that are left at the end of your weeks vacation. That's wasteful and costly. Plan ahead. This small container holds tea bags, a coffee bag or two, spices, powdered creamer and sugar, salt and pepper. You might notice a hotel package there on the right side in the picture. I rarely use all that is supplied in a hotel room, so do keep the extra packages. They're light weight and easy to pack that way.

We almost always grill out a night or two, most of the resorts we've stayed in have a grill area. That's a great way to stretch your budget, eat well, and…

Traveling Alert

Not the best of pictures I know; but I took this photo through the glass window 6 stories up after I climbed all the stairs. I was a bit out of breath, so probably moved, add that to the reflection from the glass and well.........what you see is what you get.

Ok, the important part and the reason for my posting this is. What do you wear when sleeping in a hotel room? Do you have something to cover up with near by? Early morning, we'd not yet had a cup of coffee; though we each had one in hand we were sipping when the extremely loud fire alarm went off. I sleep in a t-shirt; but was cold and had put on a fleece and lounge type pants. I could go outside in what I was wearing. Hubby was similarly clad. He did quickly put his jeans on before we walked down the stairs though. I took time enough to grab my purse and cell phone and away we went. Should have seen the barefoot folks in jammies stumbling around. No one was awake, not really anyway. Though getting all that blood f…

Charlotte, North Carolina

We were passing through Charlotte, North Carolina on our way to Hilton Head, South Carolina. We were searching for Sun. We altered our travel arrangements to skirt a storm as best we could; which is how we landed for a night here in Charlotte. Reviewing maps and weather reports over breakfast before heading out Dear Hubby spotted Old Settlers' Cemetery within a few blocks of our hotel. Naturally, we stopped!

Even in a short cold walk through the cemetery you can see how historic it is and wonder about the many stories it holds.

The oldest known burial is that of Joel Baldwin who died at the young age of 26 in October of 1776. Many Revolutionary and Civil War Hero's are buried here. Many of the early pioneers who formed and settled the area are buried here.

The area was first settled by Scots-Irish who belonged to The Church. It is felt the graveyard was first attached to the church. Though time has changed the church affiliation from non-denominational to the current day …

Travel to Argentina, explore the great outdoors

Grab your passport and your outdoor gear and head to Argentina. This is a sportsman's paradise. Think of water sports, fishing, kayaking, swimming, canoeing and whale watching. Want more adventure, try your hand at white water rafting. Turisom en Argentina encompasses 7 zones. Each zone has something to offer travelers of all ages and all interests.

Be adventureous and hand glide in the Northwest Zone. Or relax and shop in San Salvador, photograph the large diverse species of birds in this region. If you love history like I do, you'll want to seek out the hidden little chapels and the adobe churches which reflect The Spanish influence of it's early settlers. And don't forget to get good pictures of the volcanic areas (now inactive).

Maybe you prefer city life, the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires? This beautiful warm humid green plain area between the mountains will keep you busy. It's the commercial center of the country with it's vibrant city life, s…

Turtle Park, St. Louis, Missouri (Dogtown-Forest Park)

Remember to click to see pictures larger
Exit 34A, Skinker and Clayton Roads is the spot. The walk bridge you see is at the intersection of Tamm and Oakland Avenue's in St. Louis, Missouri. Some will argue this is Dogtown, some will say it's the far southern end of Forest Park. At the very least it is were the two neighbors join and come together.
Cute little turtles lining the walking paths make a good place for children to sit.
And who could resist climbing on such a large repile? Seriously, there are children of all ages here. Climbing, walking, photographing.
Funny the small children didn't seem to be afraid of this large creature with it's mouth opened. These fantastic cement sculptures are the work of a local artist, Robert Cassilly on land donated by Mrs. Sonya (Sunny) Glassberg.
And yes, the park is in-fact named Turtle Playground. In August of 1996 it was officially opened. There's parking on the street and plenty of place for bikers, walkers and those …

Pack Traveling Wine Glasses

You might be scratching your head right now as you look at this picture and wonder what's the lady showing me a picture of a broken wine glass for? Nah, it's not broken; it's packable. Is there such a word as packable? If not, I think there should be. The picture on the left is what it looks like broken down, packable. Takes very little room.

Step 2, the glass on the right is what you'll see when you turn and pull the stem portion out. Note the screw area on the top of the stem, and that same area on the bottom of the bowl. That's how you put it together. Easy and quick. Simply screw it together.
This picture shows your very nice non breakable packable stemmed wine glass. This is a must for your all traveling needs. I pack 2 of these wine glasses oallthe time when I travel. They're light weight so not an issue even if flying vs car traveling. These 2 are new ones hubby purchased for me on one of our recent traveling excursions. After many years, man…