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Flat Stanley asks, "Traitor or Hero?"

Flat Stanley here with a question, Traitor or Hero?

And now let me tell you a story. Ohio wasn't much more then the western frontier in 1823 when little Roswell Ripley was born. You see Ohio had only become a state in 1803, just 20 years before he was born. Roswell Sabin Ripley was born here, in Worthington Ohio. So this house is really really old. He grew up and attended the U.S. Military Academy and graduated from there in 1843. He served his country and fought in The Mexican-American war from 1846-1848, and received 2 promotions for his efforts.

He was stationed in South Carolina where he met a Southern Belle and got married in 1852. One short year later he resigned to attend to his wives estate in Charleston. He joined our enemy, The Confederacy and fought against us at Fort Sumter when the first shots were fired and The Civil War began. He fought in a series of battles in artillery units; and later in the Infantry under Robert E. Lee. He was wounded in The Bloodiest W…

Look What I'm Packing! Thanks Clara

Getting organized today, I came across this picture.

A red carrying on. A while back I won a contest. I'm a person who's never one to win so was thrilled! Wanted to share with you my prize. I'll be packing this with yarn, water bottle, and book. That's my normal carrying on stuff. My debate is whether or not it will fit below the seat. I never put items up above on the the plane, as I like to have my yarn there. I usually carry a canvas tote; but that means I have to carry it. This has wheels and handle....much better for the back, the sore shoulder, the arthritis etc.

This will be it's maiden voyage. Thanks to Clara. AND....I think I'm gonna buy myself a netbook which will fit nicely in this bag. Then hubby won't complain about me using his computer when we travel. Clara has a wonderful blog, please check it out.
And see ya tomorrow when Flat Stanley will have his 2nd Friday special post for you all. Remember, Friday Fun with Flat Stanley is…

Walking the Beach, Hilton Island Is., South Carolina

A shot through the Sea Oats, pretty blue sky, white sand..........what could be better? Warmer temps that's what. Though the wind was better on this particular day, and I could walk the beach at Hilton Head without the worry of rain. Though the wind and rain were bothersome and I didn't get a tan while there; I did experience serenity and beauty that I think is probably lacking on a busy sun filled summer day. The views were more wide open without lots of sun umbrellas, lounge chairs, and people--leaving me alone with my thoughts to enjoy the true beauty.
It was quite a storm the night before I took this walk, and look at the left-overs from the angry tide. What amazed me is the fact that the Sand Dollars I saw weren't broken. They were smaller then most I've seen on trips to other beaches. I wondered if that was typical for this time of year. I passed along the warning to some folks who started to pick them up. Throughout Hilton Head the effort to protect and …

Traveling Books and Parks, with Flat Stanley

Hello My Name is Flat Stanley, and I'm really excited to see you. This is our first adventure in Sandy's Summer Series of Friday Fun with Flat in other words. I'm dancing with joy as you can see, my arms stretched wide to show you how much fun we're going to have, how many places we're going to go, and how much we're gonna learn.
I need a step stool, I'm not tall enough. Will you please remember to pack one on our next trip? This is me outside a library. Now what's not fun about a library? Books on any topic, fun, serious and everything in-between. Did you know most libraries have summer reading programs? AND, did you know you can win cool free things? PLEASE make sure you get signed up, read alot and win neat things. Leave comments, or have Mom leave comments so I know what you read, and what prizes you won. Ask too about story time, you sit on the floor and someone reads a cool story to you.

But wait, there's more. Behind me…

Special Traveling PUG

This is what I call traveling in style! Look at this PUG. It's perhaps not uncommon to take your dog for a walk, or for a ride in the car; but this is luxury travel for sure.

Spotted this scene while lunching with my SIL, and had to share with you all. Then it occured to me like a flash. Often my travel post say this is fun for the kids, this is best enjoyed with adults only, pets can go here. This special Traveling Pug is announcing a series that everyone can enjoy. Everyone including young couples, singles, older couples, kids, adults, and your furry friends.

Soon the kids will be out of school, people will be planning vacations. Kids will need things to do. The Pug pictured here is making an official announcement.

Sandy's Summer Series of FRIDAY FUN with FLAT STANLEY

Every Friday, starting tomorrow, April 23rd Flat Stanley will take you on a special summer adventure. These are adventures you might be able to ride a bike to, walk with a stroller to, things that take a f…

Mrytle Beach, North Carolina

Look closely, what's missing in this picture? YOU, that's right. Picture yourself there now; sitting on the edge of the pool soaking in the sun's warmth, sipping a cool beverage or reading a book in the lounge chair, with the sound of surf filling your ears. Soon all your cares will melted away.

Seaside, a luxury boutique Oceanfront Mrytle Beach Hotel, with exceptional 4 star service awaits you, your family, and or your "special someone". Take another look at how inviting that pool is; make it happen--you deserve it.

You can't go, but know someone who'd love to; buy a gift certificate so they can relax, shop, play golf, enjoy spa treatments and more at this Mrytle Beach Hotel. Convenience, affordability and something for everyone. Walk the beach in search of Sharks Teeth, take a day trip to one of the many interesting historical sites nearby. Don't forget moon light walks on the beach, or the fun of building sand castles with the kids. It's a…

Carlisle in Chillicothe, Ohio

Look at the beauty of this by gone era. This fabulous piece of art, (by Michael Warth) shows you what The Carlisle Building looked like, back in the day. Can you picture yourself walking down an un-busy street with parasol in hand? This fabulous building is at the corner of Paint and Main Streets in Chillicothe, Ohio.
A marvelous Pen and Ink drawing also by local artist, Michael Warth who was gracious enough to let me post here on my blog is copyrighted. This unique historical structure has been a part of Chillicothe for many many years. Look at the grandeur of this building so well captured in his art work.
My photo taken about a week ago shows the sad deterioration of the building. In addition to it being empty for a good many years, an arson's fire in 2003 halted a plan to restore it to it's former beauty. The fire caused $600,000 to $700,000 of damage.
When it was built in 1885 it was indeed a crown jewel, with it's unique architectural features. Standing tall it…

Knole Log House, Adena, Chillicothe Ohio

Knoles Log House, built originally in 1820 now opened to the public.
This log house was first built on land now owned by The Mead Paper Mill. It's been moved twice, dismantled and reconstructed. Touring it gives one a real feel for early life in Chillicothe in 1800-1830's. It's owned and operated by The Ross County Historical Society.
The log house is located at 45 West Fifth Street in Chillicothe, along with Franklin House, McKell Library, and The Museum Area. Hours by appointment from Jan through March, open Tuesday through Sat from 1 pm til 5 pm for a minimal fee from April through December.
This old watering trough is behind the log house. There is much to see here from the early days of Chillicothe. Franklin House focuses on women in history.

This photo was taken years ago of me in front of Thomas Worthington's home, Adena. I'll be posting more about this in detail later, so stay tuned. Thomas Worthington's home is also opened to the public and well wo…

Masonic Lodge, Majestic Theatre, Chillicothe Ohio

The Majestic Theatre, perhaps it doesn't look impressive to you now in 2010. Consider this-- it's old. Really old, first built in 1809 as The Masonic Lodge. It's been "The Place" to be for many many years. A Grand Dance Hall, a meeting place, a place to hold receptions, a Theatre, a movie theatre, a place to see The Great Vaudeville Acts of a gone by era. The original building measured only 40 x 100, but was added onto many times over the years. Laurel and Hardy, Milton Berle, and Buffalo Bill Cody are among some of those that played here. The building changed hands over the years too.
The arch came all the way from Columbus. The Majestic Theatre is the oldest standing theatre in continious operation. It's Fresco ceiling has been refurbished multiple times and is still considered to be quite a showcase of art. Oh the stories it could tell. It could tell of fun first dates, sitting in the balcony holding hands, girls friends going to a matinee togeth…

Adena Indian Mound, Chillicothe, Ohio

Story Mound is a State Memorial off Allen Avenue at Delano Avenue in Chillicothe, Ohio. The archaelogical preserve is somewhat visible near the Middle School on Arch Street (formerly the old HS). Chillicothe is rich in Indian history. Mound City Group, the more famous area is a National Memorial with much to see regarding The Hopewell Indians.

This mound, measures 19.5 feet tall and is 95 feet in diameter. It's fenced and so I wasn't able to walk around it to get a better feel for the size. This is an Adena Indian Mound. The Adena Indians inhabited the area between 800 BC and 100 AD. The mound is slightly smaller then it was originally. It measured 25 feet in height and 125 feet in diameter before it was partially excavated in 1876 by Clarence Loveberry for The Ohio Historical Society. It sits on just under one acre of land. Beneath the mound are traces of a round timber building; the first documentation of this type of structure for the Adena people.

I noticed all the…