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Bunker Hill, Boston Massachusetts

Colonel William Prescott's statue welcomes yous after you climb Breeds Hill where The Bunker Hill Memorial is located. The Battle of Bunker Hill was the first major battle of The American Revolution. The bulk of the battle took place on Breeds Hill, rather than Bunker Hill and thus is known by the wrong name. The Colonists were far out numbered, but suffered fewer causalities in the battle. Though the battle was ultimately won by The British, The American Colonists inflicted large numbers of causalities in their forces (in fact almost 50%), repealing them successfully in the first 2 rounds of battle.

"Don't Fire Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes!", a famous quote that perhaps tells why The Colonist did so well under the direction of Colonel William Prescott.

The impressive granite obelisk stands 221 feet. Hubby and I climbed the 294 steps to the top of memorial in the oppressive summer heat to see the view. Our traveling compions whimped out and sat waiting …

Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

Row on row of gravestones, an impressive site with the white marble glistening bright reflecting the heat of the day. And hot it was, most of the grass no longer green scorched from the extreme temperatures. We did our best to go the distance between the trolley and walking to see and feel as much as we could. The feeling you get is hard to describe; but something I believe everyone should experience. Let me suggest you go though not in the August heat.
Shade inches up on Pvt. James Richmond's gravestone (far left front row), a fellow Ohioan who captured The Flag at Gettysburg while serving in Co. F. 8th Ohio Infantry on that fateful day on June 3, 1864. A Medal of Honor Recipient, who gave his all; as so many did. 4 Million visitors annually visit Arlington. 200 acres filled with people to be remembered and honored. Park you car, walk or ride the tour bus; driving in the cemetery is only allowed with special permission for funerals. Visit the visitors center and obtain …

Golf in the Desert, Arizona

Desert, mountains, and a water hole make for a pretty site at the golf course.
Hubster golfing in the desert.
Sunset on the golf course with the moutains in the background is a common, but beautiful site in Phoenix.

Ooophs, bet someone had a hard time trying to find their ball after this shot. Sadly, you can see from the holes in the cactus this isn't uncommon. I don't know if this damages the cactus. I did ask when we were there, but didn't really get a good answer.

There are lots of beautiful golf courses in and around Phoenix. I don't play, but hubby sure enjoyed himself.

Phoenix, Arizona Marriott's Canyon Villas

This is a picture heavy post.Canyon Villas (Marriott Time Shares) in Phoenix is a fabulous place to stay while vacationing in the Phoenix area. Inside and out the resort is wonderful. Yes, I did say timeshare; but they are also available to rent as you would a hotel room or condo. The first photo is the view from the dining room looking into the kitchen. If you rent the full villa (2bedroom), or the full 1 bedroom side you get the use of the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Quite spacious. The 2nd picture is one of the play area's at the resort, so you can tell this is a family friendly vacation spot.

This darling little kitchen area is the small side. If you rent what I call an efficiency you get dishes, bar size sink, microwave, campus size fridge, coffee pot etc. I really thought this cabinet was very pretty. The picture with bed is again the small side ... look at how much room you have. The small side has the kitchen area, sleeper sofa right lower corner of t…

Luggage, LUGGAGE, Luggage

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Baltimore (Inner Harbor), Maryland

Mother and Daughter Quacking while touring on Ride the Duck in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. This photo was from 3 years ago when we went to Baltimore for the first time. The Duck is an amphibious vehicle, from World War II; updated for tourism in cities around the country. You get a nice over view of the area on land and on sea. The Captain gives you history and points out areas of interest. After your tour on The Duck, you can decide what you'd like to go back and see in more detail. The tour began on Light Street in The Inner Harbor, went through Fells Point, and Little Italy then entered the water. Everyone gets a quacker to wear and blow calling attention to the tour as you meander through the downtown streets.

The second photo is us entering the water. The 3rd photo is Seven Foot Knoll Light. This historic lighthouse has a long and interesting history from the early 1800's. You can tour the lighthouse and learn all about the families that lived and worked there…

Packing Tips for Travelers

Ski trips present quite a packing challenge. This photo was taken 14 years ago, when the fam and I were all a bit younger, and a few pounds lighter. Geessssssss, it was even before gray hair. sigh

Packing a necessary evil of any and all trips. What to take, how much to take, how much does it weigh, will it wrinkle. First thing to consider is are you driving, or flying. If you're flying that bumps up the difficulty factor. If flying you have to think about weight, how to protect items, how to keep clothes presentable and still have all you need.

Our method of packing for ski trips was a clean turtleneck a day. After skiing, showering for dinner the clean turtle neck for dinner was the one you wore to ski in the next day. 2-3 sweaters was enough for the whole week and maybe 2 pair of jeans. Remember packing your ski equipment takes space so it gets the priority. And, you're wearing your ski clothes the bulk of the time, so you whatever else you're wearing are items…

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona lies about 2 hours north of Phoenix. It's known as "Red Rock Country". No wonder as you look around. There's much to see and do there. You can tour by car, rent a jeep (guided), walk, hike, bike and enjoy the history and archaeology in the area. The town itself is quaint, artsy and a bit pricey. Layer, layer, layer. It maybe warm in town; but even then there's a strong wind as you walk around. People will have shorts on; then pull out a heavy fleece 5 minutes later. Be prepared. Hubby and I are pretty bundled up and were still a bit cold. We took the famous Pink Jeep Tour, and in an open jeep it gets pretty cold. Petroglyph's have always fascinated me, so we opted for The Ancient Ruin Tour, though there are others to pick from. Each tour varies in cost and time. Believe we paid $70.00 a person for our pink jeep tour, which includes a knowledgeable tour guide. Though once you add a tip at the tours end, it's even more costl…

Taliesin West, Arizona

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West is near Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm not a fan a "modern" exterior's. They aren't warm and inviting to me. I'm most definitely not a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, the person...more on that later. But, I do recommend the tour here at Taliesin West. It is most enjoyable, educational and rather eye opening.

He is still revered globally by architects despite his personal life being a mess. He was born just 2 years after The Civil War in 1867 though he often lied about his birth year. He died at the ripe old age of 91 in Phoenix. His list of accomplishments with regard to living with nature, forward thinking with architecture is long and impressive. An apprentice program started back in 1932 continues today as The School of Architecture because of him and the foundation. The foundation serves to keep alive his legacy and to promote opportunities to the public for life long learning.

This house, Taliesin West is a National Hi…