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Flat Stanley finds Fleur-de-lis

Hello, time for more Friday Fun with Me, Flat Stanley. I'm not in this picture because I wasn't tall enough to climb up here. But, I am here just the same. I was walking down the main street in Worthington in search of cool stuff to show you; when I stopped at this empty building. There used to be a wonderful florist in this building. They moved to some new shopping center...phooey. I like old buildings. Look at this one.
PLEASE remember you can click to make this picture even bigger. Look at the neat design above the window way up there. On the red ribbon it says Flores Boni. I quess that means flowers in some other language. The two big dancing horses look like they're kissing the crown. And on the crown is a cross. Above the crown is a Fleur-de-lis. The circle divided into 4 parts between the horses has what looks like a snake, a heart, a cross, and flower.

Words and pictures can tell a story. I looked up each of these items when connected to a family crest and found the…

Traveling Tips on Thursday

There are many traveling tips, this however is the first in what will be a series for you. I've very cleverly titled these tips..."Traveling Tips on Thursday". Now let me explain. It's not just on Thursday you want to practice these traveling tips; but it is Thursday you want to be sure and swing by to learn what they are.

That's me behind those cool shades leaning against the street sign. Why you might wonder am I leaning again the sign post? It says "Mader" Dr. You see that's my maiden name. This sign post was spotted in Bucyrus, Ohio as I traveled with my sisters to Port Clinton for a girls weekend.

So, what's my first tip for you all when traveling? KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, and PAY ATTENTION. And once you do see something, take the time and stop. It's often the journey and not just the destination that makes for lasting memories.

I've done some family genealogy and knew there were Mader's living in this town; though I didn…

Traveling on Southwest Airlines, Flying with Pets

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Southwest Airlines is always my first choice for flying, and luckily it goes to most of the locations I've traveled. There are many pluses to choose Southwest over other airlines, in my opinion. Southwest has good rates, excellent customer service, is the only airlines not charging for luggage, you can earn free tickets, you can if necessary change your plans and not be penalized for changing your ticket, your flight if not used is good for one full year, they donate to Ronald McDonald Charities, they have an earlybird check in program for only $10.00 on line, AND they have the P.A.W.S. program where you can bring your pet with you.

Things you need to know about flying with your pets:

You do need to reserve a spot for your pet, by calling 1-800-1-FLY-SWA. You can NOT make your pet reservation on line. The cost is $75.00, and once made needs to be picked up in person at the ticket counter.
Your pets does not earn reward points
You do not get a refu…

Traveling is always an Adventure

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This house is old. Really old, look how narrow the door on the right is. Look at the window, the little pointed one on the very top. See the coal shoot to the left of the steps by the door? These things are give you a feel for how old the building is. I believe it predates 1900. This is located on Gwynne Street in Urbana Ohio. Gwynne is a name that comes up multiple times when one looks at older historical data regarding Urbana Ohio. On a recent trip to check on my 90 year old, my Dad I decided to go by 2 addresses where he and Mom lived long ago. When they were first married. We didn't stop here, I took this photo out the car window. I'd like to find out more about the house, it's structure. I can share it's on the corner of Russell and Gwynne. To the left facing it used to be a grocery store and above it a couple my folks had dinner with once. Dad re-canted a story about being served squirrel. We both got a good laugh o…

International Order of Odd Fellows

See me, I'm by the tree, you know you can always click on the picture to make the picture bigger; and of course me too! Look just to the left of the tree once you click to make the picture bigger and you'll see Ark Lodge No 270, I.O.O.F. I've seen this cool old building almost all my life; but until recently didn't know what it was. I.O.O.F. stands for International Order of Odd Fellows. This is located at 67 East Dublin Granville Road in Worthington, Ohio.
This old building has quite an interesting story for us. It was built back in 1856 and is the oldest standing school building in Worthington. This building is 156 years old! It was built after Ohio had become a state, and just 6 years before the start of The Civil War. Two classrooms were located on the first floor while The I.O.O.F. lodge occupied the 2nd floor. The Odd Fellows Fraternity was established in 1855. Such a strange name so I thought you might wonder how the group got it's name. In 17th c…

Girls Traveling in Breckenridge Colorado

First thing ladies traveling in Breckenridge want to do is get a facial and a pedicure. Pretty feet are fun, and well pretty!
Can't show you a picture of the facial cause my eyes were closed. Aside from just plain feeling good, and pampering yourself girls; it's healthy. The air in Breckenridge is dry, DRY, very dry! There is no humidity which is comfortable, but a bit hard on your skin. You do need to use moisturizers even if you don't normally. Walk down Main Street and you'll find plenty of spa's for your comfort, and some accept walk-ins while others require appointments. Our appointments were scheduled for us by the hotel. Care to quess which toes are mine and which are my daughters?

Everywhere you walk you'll see beautiful flowers, all kinds and more colors then you can count. The walkways, the flower boxes, the downtown, The Riverwalk. Truly gorgeous. Stop and enjoy them. The quaint town of Breckenridge is to be enjoyed and is truly more than &q…

Breckenridge, Colorado has a softer side

Breckenridge, Colorado has a softer side, one you might not know about. Yes it's known for skiing, and hiking, and camping, and fishing, and lots of outdoor activities. But, there is indeed a softer side, The Arts are alive and well in Breckenridge.

Take a walk down Main Street or The Riverwalk and you'll see lovely and interesting sculptures all along the way.

Tiki Crane Stance by Mark Mahorney, carved Beetle Kill Wood
Through The Eye of The Needle by Rik Sargent
Story Time by Rosalind Cook located at 124 S. Main Street
Ullr The Snow God by Richard Jagoda. The Scandinavian protector of all who participate in winter sports.
Girl Flute by Jane Rankin
3 Cowboys "they all agreed, the trail is that way" by Stephen Hanson
Cowboy and his horse one view
A second view surrounding by a lovely flower garden. I missed who's piece this is, sorry to say.
Clarity Assembly, Marble and Steel by Christophere Hecker
Athena 1st Violin/Lydia 1st Violin by Michael Adams.

After walking both Mai…

The Color Orange and Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley here, got your orange crayon? Hope so, follow me please. There are lots of historical place (old places) for you and I to explore together; but this spot is really old. It's been given 3 distinctions. See the round symbol at the top, it tells us This is an Heritage Site for the town of Worthington. I'm pointing to a plaque that says this building has the honor to be listed on The National Register of Historic Places. AND
this plaque tell us it's also honored with an Ohio Historical Marker Plaque! WOW, it hit the jackpot. This building is an old old house. It was once owned by a man named Orange Johnson. See why I wanted you to bring your orange crayon today? Anyway, this house was built way way back in 1811 by Arora Buttles. Hope someone is writing this down so you can determine how old it is by doing some math. (199 years old!). It was purchased by our friend, Ora…