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Happy New Year and What will be the future of Traveling Suitcase?

First let me say belated Merry Christmas to all who's blog I never made it to in order to wish you the best; and Happy New Year to all. I hope you've all been able to spend quality time with loved ones celebrating whatever holiday is your special one. I hope you've all been safe in your travels.

The Traveling Suitcase hasn't been updated in sometime. The longest time, actually since it began. Life has been busy, work has been busy, work on my other blogs has been busier than normal; and I've been hustling trying to knit and crochet as much as possible for the homeless (through my Bridge and Beyond Blog)

I'm very inactive these days with regard to EC and am unsure whether or not I'll be deleting my membership there. Apoligies for not returning drops with the same zeal as I have in the past. It seems when I've looked in, many are not active. I'm not sure there's much point with all the changes, they surely have diluted the orginal intent and …