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Escaping the Snow

Escaping the snow in Central Ohio, hubby and I headed south a few days ago. A man that used to work with hubby told him once he wanted to strap a snow shovel to the hood of his car and drive south until someone wondered what the item was...he would then know, he'd gone far enough south.

Well, we didn't exactly do that, but we did leave town to get away from the snow and the cold and the winter. As we headed south we lunched at Sonic Burger. Have never eatten there, and probably won't again. Strange place. Seems they can't decide if they want to be a fast food place or an old style car hop type place. It filled the tank and let us travel on, but it's not a place I would recommend nor a place I care to eat at again.

A tip for traveling in your car this time of year, once you've filled your window washer fluid, put the bottle in your car so you can refill. You definitely use lots of it this time of year with snow, road junk being thrown up, and salt.

Our first sto…