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Iguana's in Aruba

Look at this beautiful bright aqua blue Iguana. I can't imagine you could miss this one as it slithers quickly across the hot bricks pool side. You know how hot cement and bricks are on your barefeet? These creatures love heat, in fact if you watch them you'll see they hunker down while resting so their belly touches the pavement. They get as close as they can to the hot surface to absorb as much of the heat at they can. I spotted this one coming towards my chair. Once I got the photo, I moved the chair a bit which caused it to go elsewhere. Thank you very much. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a big animal lover. In fact, I'm afraid of lots and lots of animals and creatures. this one was about 18 inches long.
This big green Iguana was over 2 foot long and apparently likes to have it's picture taken. This is a male, I don't know the gender of the above blue one. You can see this one isn't spotted like the blue one, has a striped tail and thorny…

Claudia's Bar in Aruba

**Friday is usually the day for Flat Stanley, but he's out and about for a couple of weeks, he asked that you keep checking in, when he returns...he'll have a special announcement to make**

Walking down the public beach (all beaches in Aruba are open and free to the public), this sign caught our attention. After all, it was time for Happy Hour. Normally we spend happy hour either at a pool bar where we're staying or on our balcony for a break out of the sun as we make dinner plans. But, we decided to take a walk on the beach and stopped here. These prices are the best on The Beach (Palm Beach). Balashi Beer is Aruba's beer, made right there. So, when in Aruba, don't drink Bud, you can do that at home; drink Balashi. It's made with their world famous water. Water in Aruba comes from the desalination plant. Notice the horseshoe pit behind the sign. It was a busy area each and everyday with lots of activity. Playing horseshoes right on the beach much lik…


One of almost 300 pictures I recently took while in Aruba. Aruba is a fabulous place to vacation and there will many blog posts about it. So Bon bini (Welcome) to Aruba.

Bon bini means welcome in Papiamento, the official language of Aruba. Though it is the official language of Aruba, most residents speak 3 or 4 languages, fluently. You maybe in foreign country a long way from home, but everyone speaks excellent English, so communicating is not a chore. Papiamento is creole derived from Portuguese, African, Arawak native languages and English, accordingly to Wikipedia. However, when we asked it about while in Aruba we were told it's mostly Spanish and it sounds mostly Spanish when you hear it spoken.

Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba and where the airport is. It's also where the famous Palm Beach, and Eagle Beach is. If you've ever watched shows on TV that list the best beaches in world, you've seen Palm and Eagle Beach in Aruba. There are beautiful! White whit…

Suitcase is Traveling!!

The suitcase has been out and about. Florida for a wedding, Aruba for lots of sun, surf, and R and R. Do stay tuned for pictures of beaches, boats, sunsets and more.

Don't worry be Happy

Bathroom Break, Beaufort South Carolina

In the center of courtyard is this very old canon with a hard to read plaque which states Dr. Henry Woodward lived from 1646-1686.  It goes onto say he came with Robert Sandford's Expedition, stayed, and was captured by The Spanish.  Further research tells us a bit more.  He was an Englishman, perhaps born in Barbados (though Wikipedia also says information is sketchy).  He was left here as an exchange for an Indian named "Shadoo".  Perhaps the Indian was a guide for further expeditions?  He learned they language and trade including deerskins and slaves.  He was captured by The Spanish and taken to St. Augustine where he remained for a couple of years.  He proclaimed to be be Catholic and was given the title of surgeon.  When the English raided St. Augustine he escaped and served as a surgeon on board ship until he ultimately returned to Beaufort.   The guns in the courtyard at The Arsenal were captured from The British in 1779, and by The Union in 1861 when Fort Walker …