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Aruba, Eat, Drink be Happy

Eating in Aruba can be quite expensive. Everything on the Island must be brought in which up's the price. We had a one bedroom condo with a kitchen and cooked most of our meals; but did go out a few times while there. One day for lunch after being on a tour of The Island we stopped and got pizza. Not just any pizza...probably the best pizza we've ever had. You must put Tomato Charlies on your list of place to go.
Look how yummy it looks. The crust was nice and thin and crisp, love it that way. We got the veggie pizza, and as you can see it's loaded, not skimpy at all. Nice big pieces of fresh veggies. It was so good, we considered going back a 2nd time; but didn't as we wanted to try a few other places. We will though return here on our next trip to Aruba. I do recommend it, HIGHLY. This location is on the main drag across from the beach, so it's easy to throw a wrap on and walk up from the beach for lunch. Inside and outside eating is available.


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Farm country, corn fields, barns...a rural area. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was just that prior to The Civil War. This picture from afar shows a cloudy day where it's hard to think about a battle, any battle going on here........let alone the bloodiest battle ever in the history of our country. July 1st through July 3rd of 1863, 51,112 people were killed, wounded or went missing. 28,000 of those were The Confederates, making The North-The Union the winning side.

Ziegler's Grove at the northern end of cemetery ridge might have been considered picturesque with Oak, Hickory and Chestnut Trees providing shade. However, this area marks general positions held by General Alexander Hays, Division of the 2nd Corp. In fact he used the adjacent farm, The Brian/Bryan Farm as his headquarters. Heading southward a long stone wall provided great protection for The Union forces, during the well known Pickett's Charge. Confederates attempted to cross about 200 feet away at Emmitsburg…

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills State Park has much to offer anyone who enjoys outdoor beauty. This is NOT a place suitable for wearing flip flops unless you're taking one of the paved physically challenged trails. There are 6 area's to hike and picnic in: Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkle's Hollow, Cantewell Cliffs, and Rock House. Each are unique and interesting. Each are beautiful. You definitely want your camera. Some of the areas are more suited to adults, some are easy enough for children. Above I believe is Old Man's Cave. That space between the rocks...a rather tight squeeze.
This is very popular Ash Caves, a bit more opened. That's hubby going across to reach a waterfall on the other side. Ash Caves is generally very busy in summer months, but less so in early Spring and Fall.
Tall Hemlock Trees are beautiful and let light filter in; but many areas of the trails are slippery from moss covered rocks, and dampness from water falls.
The base area of Ash …

Mexico, Day of the Dead

Picture is a bit blurry, as it was taking out the window of a moving van. The Day of The Dead is a busy holiday in Mexico. People of all ages are out and about. Kids are out of school. Up and down main roads you see people walking, riding motorcycles, riding bikes, getting off and on public transportation, and parking cars. People lining the streets to buy and sell tokens,
It's hard to see how ornate the cemeteries are, or how decorated they are. I was a good distance away here, and the only one in the group interested in cemeteries; thus the van continued to move along towards it's destination.
Beyond the entrance here is a cemetery and if you click to enlarge, you see the large numbers of people inside it's walls. Graves are decorated with food, drink, pictures, flowers-mostly paper wreaths, and other memorabilia.
Here you can see lots of items for sale. The day of the Dead dates back to an Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess, Mictecacihuatl. The Aztec calendar …


Long ago, skiing when I was young enough it hurt less when you feel. Hubby, me and DD. DD is now 27...does that tell you how long ago this picture was taken? Anyway, we're in Utah I believe, or maybe Colorado. Not sure which trip this was. Outdoors. Outdoor activities are good for the family. Now I currently don't want to think about snow, not after this long will it ever go away winter; but summer will be here and the kids will be out of school. People need to think about getting outdoors. Do family outdoor activities. Everyone doesn't need to be in their respective place with their laptop and or game boys. Go "Outside".
Another great outdoor activity. Hiking. Get out and see nature. This beautiful water fall was in Colorado, but there are hiking trails, state parks, metro parks everywhere. Find one and go explore. You might have a water fall too.
Another year, after a hike up to the top of a peak in The Great Smoky Mountains. Was beautiful up the…

Picnic with the Pops, Columbus Ohio

Picnic with the Pops. A wonderful summer time activity suitable for young and old alike. Our symphony performs outdoors several times in the summer, it's casual, it's fun. Truly a great summer tradition in Columbus, Ohio. Here's a general view of he stage area. You see people in chairs, on blankets, at tables. Some get dressed up, others come casual. Some bring feasts, others bring snacks. Truly it's your choice.
There's always a patriotic concert that's quite popular. We ladies dressed appropriately. Pictured left to right: Karen, Jane, and yours truly-Sandy. This years Patriotic Concert will be July 2, Sat evening.

Hubby and I. You can see coolers and people behind us. Everyone claims a spot and settles in.

People come and picnic before the concert. Gates open at 6 pm, and the concerts begin at 8:15 pm. Price for adults is $20.00 and $8.00 for children, with kids under 2 being free. Concerts are held on the lawn at Chemical Abstracts, 2540 Olent…

Ryans Daughter, Baltimore Maryland

Ryan's Daughter. Known as a neighborhood restaurant this classic Irish Pub is one you must put on your list of places to visit, eat and enjoy while touring Baltimore, Maryland. It's located at 600 E. Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21212. Hours are: Monday through Sat 11 am til 2 am. They serve Sunday Brunch startingf at 10:30 am, except for special Sundays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. On those special days they open earlier and have a special menu.
Doesn't it look cozy, inviting? They have snug's, and open areas. Whatever is your preference.
We had been working, cleaning and moving when we had to stop for a late breakfast. It was tasty!
The menu is varied whether you're there for a quick lunch, a snack, happy hour, or dinner. Happy hour specials run from 3 pm to 6 pm daily and include both drinks and food. For traditional Irish Music don't miss Friday and Sat evenings from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This comfortable, fun Irish Pu…