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Traveling on Foot

Traveling on foot can be adventure. This 4 legged creature travels everywhere on foot. AND if you're traveling on foot, through the careful you don't startle wild life. Startled wild life can be dangerous.
Actually, this creature and I weren't in each other's space at all. I was pouring a cup of coffee looking out the kitchen window at a friends house Christmas morning in Cleveland Ohio. Gates Mills to be exact. She has acreage and so seeing wild life is common place. I took the picture right through the window and so did a bit of computer work to diminish the flash that hit the window and....reduce the blur a bit caused by the distance and using the digital zoom.

Safety though is important when traveling. Particularly in winter. Cars provide protection and heat, and often people forget to pack with safety in mind. Do you have a pair of boots in the car when you travel in the winter? If not, you should. The weather may be beautiful when you start o…

Time Travel and Froehliche Weihnachten

Time travel of sorts. This is my ancestral family (Dad's side) 5 generations ago. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas (Froehliche Weihnachten).

My great great grandfather was a big man, especially for those times. Born in Germany Wilhelm Heinrich Mader, he immigrated to this country when he was young and single. He came alone after the death of his parents. He married Anna Heinlein who was also born in Germany; but immigrated to this country with her parents. They made their home in Chillicothe, Ohio.

I'd love to know what their Christmas's were like so long ago. I know they had a goose pen in their yard and that would have been The Christmas Dinner.

So, from my family to yours.
Merry Christmas

Gift Ideas when you Travel, Temecula California

Recently came across this very creative use of wine corks. I save my wine do "something" with them; though as yet haven't. Spotted this nifty wine and wine glass holder in a gift shop while touring the wine country of Temecula. Didn't have room in my suitcase as the time to purchase it....been thinking about it though, and looking at the mound of corks I've saved. Temecula is an awesome place to visit. In fact, we've been there 3 times and will be going again. Lots of different wineries, fun and interesting people, and ...the food.............yummy.
So for those of you who've not saved corks, perhaps you have a fancy sewing machine you've done anything with lately. Pull it out and embroidery a cute saying on some nice tea towels. Wouldn't that make a lovely gift? Personally, I loved this one; but you might have one that suits you or the person you have in mind. I'm always looking for neat and unique gifts while traveling. …


Me in a bathing suit! When in Aruba you just don't know what you might see. Actually, we were waiting on the city bus to go to the grocery is everywhere in Aruba, even at the bus stop. You don't need a car to get around. The public transporation is quick, easy, and very affordable.

It truly is One Happy Island, where else would you see these 2 teams cuddled up? lol

It's cold in so many places now, with everyone rushing around trying to get things done for Christmas...thought you needed a little hint of warmer weather.........think Aruba. Which reminds me, I need to schedule our next trip there.

Public Art in San Diego Harbor

View 1 you see Mom, Child, and returning Sailor being reunited in a group hug.
View 2 you see the couple. Public Art is plentiful in San Diego's harbor area and worth the walk up and down to see them all. As you can, they're lighted at night. This particular art's history is unknown to me. I did not see (perhaps I missed it), a plague indicating whom the artist was, or if this was specific to a particular sailor. I did some looking here on line and also came up empty for this sculpture. Perhaps it's new enough, nothing has yet been posted?

We like art because it makes us feel something. Surely this sculpture does that. It also gets you thinking. Before the speed of communication with cell phones, texting, the internet, Military and their family relied on slow mail service during war times. Can you imagine not knowing where your loved one was.........whether they were ok or not? Can you imagine not hearing from them for weeks at a time? Today's military fi…

San Diego Harbor, California

There are many things to see walking along the harbor walkway in San Diego. You can gaze out at the ships, you can people watch, you can shop, sit under a shade tree, stop for a snack. But, leave time to enjoy this marvelous tribute to Bob Hope and to our Military. Bob Hope was born an Englishman, Leslie Townes Hope. After immigrating with his parents to Cleveland, Ohio being teased by his friends about his name; he changed it to Bob. He had a long list of accomplishments in the performing field, singing, dancing, acting, being a comedian. He has 4 stars on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, more then anyone. He received over 2000 awards in his life time.
He was born May 29, 1903 and died July 27, 2003. He's buried in Los Angeles at Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana Cemetery. The single thing he's most known and respected for was his service to the military. He performed all over the world for all branches of the military for 5 decades starting in 1943. These fabulous 16 …