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Park City Utah during Art Festival Time

Meet Bonny and her husband
Aren't they they an adorable couple!  They were such fun and so very talented.  I meant them in Park City this past July at the street fair/Art Festival.  This is the 2nd year we've been lucky enough to be in Park City, Utah when an awesome art fest was going on.  Look how well Bonny's glass beaded necklace picks up the fabric in the inside of her hat.

 This is the bracelet I purchased from them.  I love it and wear it all the time.  They've even made the claps an artistic piece, knowing bracelets spin around and well...why shouldn't it be gorgeous too.  Bonny and her husband (am sorry, I don't know his first name), adjusted pieces right there to make sure everyone was 200% happy with the item they purchased and that it fit properly.  These are made from hand blown glass.  Notice the picture to right of Bonny's husband's head...that picture is some of the glass used in their creations.

The photo of her business card doesn…


My daughter looking at something on the computer facing our little kitchen area (which we hardly used beyond making morning coffee and having a place for our water and wine to stay cold in the fridge). Our accomodations were very good. First time I've stayed at TownEPlace Suites. Definately recommend TownePlace Suites at BWIGetting to Baltimore was a HUGE HUGE deal. Due to leave here Sunday at 3:15 and arrive in Baltimore at 4:30. Wouldn't that have been very civilized? We had dinner reservations for 7 pm at Sabatino'sin little Italy. However, that didn't happen. We had one delay after another at the airport and I never got off the ground until a little after 8:30 pm. I hadn't had lunch or dinner. I had had a shared snack and drink with hubby when he brought me to the airport at 2 ish. Didn't arrive in Baltimore until about 10:30. So, when my daughter picked me up; we were both really tired and the best we could do for something open to eat that hour of the ni…