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Cleveland Turkeys not for Thanksgiving

Well, it is almost Turkey Time!  Now you may not be able to tell how big this fellow is; but...he was big.  I was watching him out the kitchen window from my friend Jane's house this past weekend.  In my blog post on Sandy's Space, I mentioned heading to Cleveland because a friend had a very large tree fall on the house....this is the friend, and from these pictures you might get a feel for landscape and the number of really large trees......thus the wild life.
 This one you can see a bit more color.  Shooting through the window isn't the best way to get a photo, but didn't want to try and get outside and scare them, or them scare me for that matter.  Yes I did say them....they were all over the place.  AND, since the tree fell on her house and smash the screen porch (among other things), you really couldn't go out the door.
 Travel, exploring can truly be in your own back yard.  While Cleveland may not be the first place you would think to travel..........But, t…