Thursday, February 20, 2014

Luggage Important in Your Travels.

 Luggage comes in every size, shape and color these days.  What do you pick?  In our younger years we'd buy the set of 3 or 5 pieces with everything matching because it was "cheaper".  Over night car travel was then the bulk of our travels and so the cheap multi-sized pieces worked.  But, not for long...the type of travel you do really dictates the type of luggage you should tote.  When you fly you are restricted to the number of pieces you can carry, as well as the weight.....unless you're ok paying an arm and a leg for more.  How long are you going?  Are you checking or carrying on?  AND if you're carrying on, can you actually lift your suitcase over your head to put in the overhead compartments?  The above Helium Sky Delsey) is a large check type bag we purchased for our daughter for her birthday.  It's light weight, something under 10 pounds.  Far lighter empty then our older style multi-piece luggage sets.  Luggage was heavier because weight didn't used to be an issue.  It is now.  Zippers and frames get broken with lots of use and being tossed around by the airlines.
This is the carry on she choose.  It's a Delsey, but not the same line, and does't match.  She choose it because it only weights 6.8 pounds empty.  Huge consideration when you're traveling alone and need to be able to lift it yourself to place in the overhead.  Notice both suitcases have the 2 outside pockets with separate zippered compartments.  Another important consideration.  Though the new molded designs are easier to see on the conveyor built after your flight, they do not have any outside storage.  Outside storage is a good place to place wet items to keep them separate from your regular luggage, papers you need to keep flat, items you need to be able to reach quickly (probably a bit more of concern with a carry on).
 Out with the old and in with the new.  The black on the left was my large check back, also a Helium, purchased at AAA a good number of years ago.  Notice it also has the 2 outside pockets.  Over the years the flippers on several of the zippers have gone by the wayside, and most recently the outside frame has snapped completely.  I wondered why it was getting hard to line up properly to zip, to pull the handle in and out etc, when hubby spotted the snapped frame.  I've replaced it with the newest model of the same series a Delsey Helium Breeze.  While not quite as light as the  large suitcase Darling Daughter choose, it has a few items that fit my personal travel needs and weights 11.3 pounds empty.  Many we looked at were considerably heavier (particularly the cheaper suitcases).
 This gizmo tells you if you bag is over 50 pounds........very important feature, as the bulk of our travel is by plane.  While we can and do weight suitcases at home after their packed, not easy to do on the return trip often.  You rarely pack the same on the return trip with consideration for dirty items, and souvenirs you've picked up along the way etc.
 This outside zippered area is something I've not seen before.

It has a sleeves that can be snapped across the bottom of the suitcase to separate items you might not want mixed with your regular clothing......perhaps dirty shoes?  Maybe you need to be able to reach items quickly without messing with your whole packed bag?  You can pull those items out while your suitcase is still zippered shut.  Looks like a neat option that could be quite useful.
 For items (good clothes) you don't want wrinkled, this has the pretty traditional mess unit in the lid of the suitcase; but it also has a 3rd zipper
 that allows you to open up the whole thing for larger items (suits or dresses).  So you have 3 areas there to work with.  Once opened this area is about an inch thick.
Another consideration is the newer design of 4 wheels vs the more traditional design of old black suitcase of 2 wheels.  With 4 wheels you have added stability, maneuverability and you can walk it beside you vs pulling it behind you.........easier on the arms, less physical.

Consider more then cost when you purchase luggage.  Think about how you travel, what type of clothing you pack, what are you packing/travel needs.  Young strong people probably are less concerned with weight of the suitcase or easy of toting it.

I choose red this time, hoping the dirt won't be too much a factor.  My hope is being able to spot it easier on the conveyor belt.  I've added 2 different colored luggage tags...again to help differentiate my suitcase from someone else's; plus if one falls off........I have a back up.  I will also add a colorful strap and or bow of brightly colored yarn.  Anything you can do to spot your suitcase as "different" is of value.

**Sorry folks, it's been a good long while since I've posted here, life got busy.  Hope my regular readers are still with me.  Also having issues with the template and will be needing to make changes again with it it.**

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