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Luggage Important in Your Travels.

Luggage comes in every size, shape and color these days.  What do you pick?  In our younger years we'd buy the set of 3 or 5 pieces with everything matching because it was "cheaper".  Over night car travel was then the bulk of our travels and so the cheap multi-sized pieces worked.  But, not for long...the type of travel you do really dictates the type of luggage you should tote.  When you fly you are restricted to the number of pieces you can carry, as well as the weight.....unless you're ok paying an arm and a leg for more.  How long are you going?  Are you checking or carrying on?  AND if you're carrying on, can you actually lift your suitcase over your head to put in the overhead compartments?  The above Helium Sky Delsey) is a large check type bag we purchased for our daughter for her birthday.  It's light weight, something under 10 pounds.  Far lighter empty then our older style multi-piece luggage sets.  Luggage was heavier because weight didn't …