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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Traveling and Insurance

My family (Daddy, Hubby, and Darling Daughter) and I recently traveled to The Columbus Zoo to see the Christmas Lights. It's like walking through Disney. Twinkling lights everywhere. My camera didn't really capture how beautiful they were though which is a bit disappointing. I love my family and wouldn't think of making even a short journey like this without good car insurance. Something I hope you don't take for granite.

Why do you need car insurance? You need insurance in case of theft, vandalism, or accidents. Car accidents happen every 5 seconds here in the U.S. Nationally, 14% of Americans don't have auto insurance. Perhaps if they realized this easy way to get insurance quotes from multiple companies in the US, from the comfort of their computer chair more folks would be covered.

As we enter a new year, many folks are looking for ways to save money. So, from the comfort of your home save yourself time and money as you get car insurance quotes, it's free. Free fits my budget, how bout yours? Are you thinking about buying a new car? Are you driving an older car that you feel needs less insurance? Or maybe you've got a teen about to get his or her's license--you definitely need to get auto insurance quotes!

I highly recommend taking your family to see the lights at zoo. There are over 3 million LED lights, and it is magical.
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  1. Thanks for sharing a very good point and information Sandy!

    The lights are extremely fascinating and wonderful! How I wish I could even go to that seemingly "Disneyland" place.

  2. P.S. Wohoo! I am the first one to comment on your post for the first time! Hahaha! ;D

  3. zoo....the last time i went to a zoo was 4th grade...8 yrs old....that was a fun trip...but since then never been able to....been to safari's ...but zoo's are different......

    well it seems next trip would be with my kids.....:)

  4. You are so lucky to have a nice zoo close to you. Did you have to bundle up?

  5. Just a note regarding the car insurance. Another reason to have it is because if you have an accident in which you are at fault the other party can go after any assets you may have up to the amount of the repairs.

    I have been to the Columbus zoo during the summer, but have heard it is beautiful with all the christmas lights up.

  6. Great post SAndy. I just went to the first link and plan to go to the other ones. We combined all our insurances together with Sentury and saved lots of money...I was shocked. I'm going to see how they stand up with the other companies!

  7. The zoo lights sound amazing. I wish we had something like that close by. It looks like a great family outing.

  8. Yes Karen, we really did bundle up; it was COLD.

    Yoda and Brutus, excellent point about the coverage.


  9. Glad you had fun at the zoo. The little one's really love the lights.

  10. The zoo lights look beautiful! We were hoping to make it to the Portland Zoo this year for their light display but didn't make it. Maybe next year.

    Great info on insurance too. I worked for an insurance agent for many years so know how important it is!

  11. Hi Sandy! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I have been neglecting my blog a bit.

    We are just experiencing the lake effect snow and have about a foot since yesterday so I'm trying to stay warm :)

    Happy new year!

  12. I wish we could see those zoo lights. Our Oregon zoo does have a holiday theme, but it just does not work out for our family. I can only imagine how spectacular it was.
    We have boats that go up and down the river with lights- have you ever seen something like that?
    Keep the magic alive- everyday!

  13. thanks for the tips, this is very useful especially for me personally and for the others,
    awaiting the next tips ... thanks

  14. What a cool thing to do. All my animal loving friends need to know about this. Combining Christmas lights and seeing animals at the zoo, very cool. Very cool indeed.

  15. I don't tend to do things when it's cold, but looks like such a neat thing to do, I think I'll reconsider.

  16. I never thought of going to the zoo during the winter time! I have always been curious what the cat family of animals do during the winter. Are they wake during the winter?

  17. Hi Matym, yes the animals are out and about during the winter months, fun to see them in a different season.


  18. Thanks for your tips Sandy. Columbus Zoo is a 400-acre zoo, world's famous attractive point. I didn't went there. But my brother gone there several times. He always tells about the beauty of the place. He took pics of several places there. The zoo is beautifully landscaped. The animals are in their natural habitats!! Great fun!!

  19. The lights are extremely fascinating and wonderful! How I wish I could even go to that seemingly "Disneyland" place....


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