Hocking Hills, Ohio

warming up by the fireplaceFrozen NativityHocking Hills is a spectacle all year long. In summer people picnic, and hike. In fall folks enjoy hiking, and the fall colors. In all seasons wildlife is abundant.

cabin in the woods

We've visited and enjoyed this area many times in all kinds of weather; but find it too be almost mystical during the snowy cold months of winter. There is much to explore at Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkle's Hollow, Cantewell Cliffs, and Rock House. You can take a leisurely walk or a more rugged hike. In any weather you're apt to see some fantastic sites. Who doesn't enjoy a water fall? The frozen nativity above is a water fall; but look how special it is during the winter.

We stayed in this fabulous little log cabin in the woods where we able to warm up at the fireside after a cold hike. Looking up at the full moon at night as snow blanketed the woods and our little cabin was very peaceful. This really is quite a get away, and only an hour from home for us. Reading through the journal inside the cabin shows people come from far and wide to enjoy Hocking Hills all 12 months of the year.

Hocking Hills is located in southern Ohio, near Logan and easily accessible for a day trip from anywhere in the state. The parks offer camping, cabins, and plenty of family oriented activities.
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  1. Wow! I'm so impressed with that nativity made of ice! It's so realistic! I'll be there in Ohio soon.

  2. Hey Mark, sing out when you get to Ohio; maybe we could meet up for a cup of coffee or something.


  3. Once on a trip out west a ranger told me Old Man's Cave was one of the hardest places to rock climb even for folks who knew what they were doing.

    The frozen nativity is awesome.

  4. That sounds like an awesome getaway! The frozen nativity is awesome.

  5. Thanks for sharing Sandy, that sounds like a nice area to visit. Thanks for stopping by, I also am trying to catch up a bit today myself.

  6. I'm not sure how I would feel about staying in a cabin in the middle of winter. I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold and snow. :) But I have to admit that nativity is really cool!

  7. What a fun getaway! Sounds like it'd be so peaceful there! The nativity is incredible!

  8. My moms and I would jump at the chance to live in that cabin forever.
    It looks like just the perfect place. You talked about so many exciting things to see,,,,
    I wish I could come see it all.

  9. Cool place, though I've only been there in summer months. Never seen anything like that nativity.


  10. The image itself makes me feel so cold. They look so amazing and enjoyable. Hope I try to visit these places at least once in my vacations.
    Nice sharing.

  11. I went to Hocking hills long time ago.Loved it, beautiful, tranquil, green! Hiking is a must. Old Man's Cave and the waterfall a must. Wear good hiking shoes with non-skid soles and bring bug repellent. The cabins are nice as well.

    Lancaster, Athens, Columbus, Logan are all short drives if you desire more to eat, see, or shop.

  12. Wow man it beautiful please tell you know where there is good camping sites with cabins or cottages in Hocking Hills Ohio.actually I'm looking for something somewhat secluded for about 6-12 people who also hopefully near some scenic sites.thanks..

  13. We've visited and enjoyed this area many times in all kinds of weather; but find it too be almost mystical during the snowy cold months of winter....


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