Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix Arizona

ButterfliesMonarch Butterflies, trying to catch them in flight was a challenge. They're so beautiful. When I was a child they were abundant, now they are protected and we can see them in various Butterfly Gardens around the states. These are in The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.
It was extremely hot the day we were there, thus the sunglasses and hat pulled way down on my eyes. I did have on lots of sun screen and we walked slowly throughout the 50 acres enjoying over 130 rare desert plants. You often don't see me, The Traveling Suitcase; because I'm the one behind the camera; but this is me showing you the sign indicating we're in The Sonora Desert.
tree limb sculptureThese are HUGE, one was large enough hubby could stand in the middle of it. I wanted you though to see the whole exhibit by Patrick Dougherty, titled Childhood Dreams. These are constructed with tree saplings. To date, Patrick has made over 200 massive sculptures globally.
cactusLook at the detail and color in this one cactus! It's awesome. There were so many, I took 100 photo's the day I was there and everyone was interesting and unique. The gardens has a 63 year history of conservation and research of rare desert plants throughout the world.
cactusThere are many educational programs open to adults and children, a garden shop, gift shop, and patio cafe. Something for everyone. Through out the year many special events take place, such as Music in the Gardens on Sunday from noon til 2pm.
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  1. I'm not a desert person but those gardens are very pretty! My dad and stepmom went there last winter and the photos are beautiful!

  2. I love the desert, nice and warm and the colors are pretty amazing. I'm not wild about the snakes though, or lizards you sometimes see when you're out in those parts.

    Nice photo's.

  3. This is such a lovely place! I've been to botanical gardens before in Baguio City, Philippines when I was still in college.

    I always envy you for frequently traveling. How I wish I have the capacity and luxury to travel around the globe... in my dreams... Hahaha! ;D

  4. Oh June, my vacation pictures are spread over a good period of time; some not super recent; but we do indeed enjoy exploring.

  5. Hi Sandy
    If my moms were rich- they would love to live in the desert.
    We would love to have one of those big beautiful balls. We would put it on the top of our car and take it to the beach with us. I would roll it all over!
    We have Monarch butterflies too. Many of them.
    Your photos are so beautiful.
    You travel so many nice places and have a nice camera

  6. That absolutely looks like a best place to spend the vacation. The images are so cool. Liked it a lot.
    Thanks for sharing nice details about it.

  7. When I think of a desert, I always imagine a lifeless, arid place, but your pictures show me the contrary. Maybe I would never adventure in a desert, but to a desert garden i would surely go.

  8. I really need a vacation. Thanks for sharing your photos. I have never been to Arizona but I'd really like to go. I almost feel like I can live vicariously!

  9. I always enjoy looking at the places you visit Sandy, even though I was in Phoenix for a month or so I really didn't get to do much sight seeing.

  10. I'm visiting a botanical garden tomorrow and taking my zoom lens camera. What tips for better images.i mean, what things should i pay more particular attention to, what images of flowers are more pleasing to the eye. And about lighting, should I change exposure if it's too bright? Are macro shots good?Thanks for your help.

  11. Oh Maui, your camera and skill with photographs sounds well beyond mine. I photograph what catches my attention. I sometimes alter the photo on the computer for contrast, crop it; but not much more than that.

    Have a great time, I'll hop over and look forward to your pictures on your return.


  12. I love the desert. Somehow the beauty of the desert flowers always captures my imagination. Loved your photos...especially the butterflies!

  13. Its great experience to visit the desert botanical gardens.

  14. I love the pic of the butterflies. The dessert has some hidden beauties that many people don't know.
    I have a confession...last time I went to Colorado I was hoping that when I said something dumb or not funny a rolling grass ball'd pass in front of me...but that didn't happened :(

  15. Me with my family went there to enjoy vacation last year. We very much enjoyed walking the paths at the garden. We decided to attend a docent-led guided tour, and learned a lot!

  16. I have visited that same place in phoenix. Your photos came out so much better than mine. I too tried to get a butterfly to land on me and it didn't happen.


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