Danie Boone, St. Charles County, Missouri

“Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a big man.

With an eye like and eagle and as tall as a mountain was he."

Those words probably sound familiar to you, provided you're about my age. Taken from a song written about the legendary Daniel Boone for a television show starring Fess Parker. Growing up Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett were my heroes. Today's children don't really have such heroes. I even had a coonskin cap I loved to wear. Not knowing then, as I do know that Daniel Boone never wore a coonskin cap. Boy was my bubble burst.
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Daniel Boone's House
Daniel Boone most generally associated with Kentucky, fighting Indians, founding Boonesborough, and blazing the Wilderness Road through The Cumberland Cap spent his elder years in Missouri. St. Charles County. He moved there prior to Missouri becoming a part of The United States ( in 1804) . The territory was still Spanish Louisiana at the time. He left Kentucky frustrated after losing his legal battles and his land claims. The Spanish Governor gave him land and title in Missouri.

He was a Militia Officer in The American Revolution, a surveyor, merchant, and land speculator. Much of what is known about the man comes for folklore, some of it true some of it fabricated. He was captured by and adopted by The Shawnee Indians in 1778, but escaped and continued his fight against them. Perhaps it was during his stay with The Shawnee that he perfected his hunting skills for which is was famous?

He died at his home there in Missouri, was buried there without a marker with his wife Rebecca. The graves remained unmarked from his death in 1820 until 1830. Kentucky ultimately claimed he belonged back in Kentucky and exhumed the body in 1845-reburial took place in Frankfort, Kentucky were a memorial still stands. However, Missourians knew there had been an error made when the marker was placed in 1830, knew Kentuckians hadn't gotten Daniel Boone; and said nothing. At least that's what's been documented by friends and of family of Daniel Boone. Both states claiming a right to have his body, both claiming he belonged there. Then in 1983 a forensic anthropologist examined the remains in Kentucky and claimed the skull matched that of a black women. It is believed this was one of the slaves who had been buried in the family cemetery in Missouri. The conclusion being Daniel and his wife Rebecca are still buried together in their home in Missouri.

You can tour the entire village there in Missouri, St. Charles County and I highly recommend you do. The drive is beautiful, soft rolling hills as you make your way from St. Louis for an easy day trip. A wonderful gift shop so you can purchase a souvenir of your day exists. Picnic under the shade of tree, and take the guided tour it's very well done and quite educational.

**Some lesser known facts about Daniel Boone
  • He was a Quaker, but due to his father being ousted by the church never again attended a service
  • He was given his first rifle at the age of 12
  • He never wore a coonskin cap
  • He was elected to The Virginia General Assembly
  • Two of his sibblings married non-Quakers, which is why his father was ousted when he stood up for them. One was a brother of Daniel's, and one a sister who not only married a non-Quaker, but was in the family way at the time she married.
You can purchase a ticket to tour either the home or the village or do a joint tour and see both. Boonefield Village is open all year long with special events throughout the year. Located at 1868 Highway F, Defiance, Missouri. Don't miss it.
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  1. Thanks for this wonderful history lesson. I suppose I watched too much tv back in those days cause I just knew Daniel Boone was noted for his coon skin cap. Can't believe you actually had one. lol I'm feeling a bit better but still tight in the chest area. Take care my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. As Eddie said not only do we get to travel with you, but we get to learn some history at the same time. You always have some nice little tidbits to go along with your travels, very cool.

  3. This was bit before my time, but I have seen several documentaries about him with my dad, especially when I was little.

  4. I enjoy your posts so much I always want to go check out a book and read more on the people and places you talk about! And of course I can't wait to go visit one day!

  5. Great post! I hope to visit this place someday. Dropping by to say hi and to wish you a terrific weekend. :)

    A Simple Life

  6. he never wore a coonskin cap? lol I'll have to rethink my whole idea of him.

    Our museum is working on a permanent exhibit about the "Indian Removal" to Oklahoma. Boone was involved in one of the treaty signings too - can't tell you which one off-hand. Looks like it was an early one.... {:-Deb

  7. That was a wonderful piece, but I must take exception with your observation that kids today do not have heroes like Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett to look up to. For Biggy Smalls was a very large man, and Tupac Shakur shot off his guns just like Davey Crockett did at the Alamo. (Yes, I was trying to be funny again--about Biggy and Tupac, not how wonderful this piece is.

  8. hi Sandy!
    It's great to travel with you! :)
    I voted for you in the Best on Blogspot- Travel category. For sure you'll win! :D

  9. You took me back to my childhood days and how wonderful that was. I LOVED Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett. Actually, just the other day I was walking in the woods, trying to "walk like and indian" and make no sound.

  10. Thanks for the great history lesson! Good old Daniel is a favorite of mine....

  11. Wow, great information. Interesting that Kentucky wanted his body - guess that just proves that some people are more famous posthumously.

    Thank you for hosting my entrecard ad. I voted for your blog on Blogspot!

  12. You have such a lovely blog, thank you for dropping a comment at my blog!

  13. I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month. I appreciate your input.


  14. This sounds like a really interesting site. While I don't know if I will ever get to Missouri, if I do, I definitely want to check it out.

  15. What an interesting lesson on Daniel Boone. Isn't that odd about the burial? I too am disappointed that he didn't really wear a coonskin cap.

  16. What a great read. What a disappointment to know he never wore a coonskin cap! If I ever get to this area I will surely make this a stop.

  17. Even I, living in Norway, had Davey Crockett as a hero - we must be at the same age too :-)

  18. Hi Sandy..off topic, sorry. Here's now the answer of your question on how we cook our pork lechon (roasted pig). I also gave your link to my post. Thanks for the visit and comment and hope you will come back soon.

    Have a great day.

  19. Hi Sandy, thanks for the comments again. Here's the link to my other blog that i gave your link too.


    Have a nice day.

  20. I know I haven't been around much. I haven't been anywhere much lately (and my book sales show it!).

    I always loved the idea of the hunting/tracking/outdoorsy lifestyle of that time period -- but never really got the danger of it until I was much older. Still, when I learned to read certain animal tracks the last time I was in Yellowstone, it was a thrill.

  21. Wow! I don't really know that one, but nice history lesson.

  22. I was in Kentucky back in August and I visited Daniel Boone's grave in Frankfort. I just finished the book "Boone" by Robert Morgan, and I was wandering why his body was moved from Missouri to Kentucky 25 years later.


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