St. Charles, Missouri

St. Charles Village streetSt. Charles, Missouri (Saint Charles, Missouri), you'll find it listed both ways. A beautiful little quaint village. Old shops to cruise, cafe's to enjoy a fabulous glass of local wine. Art, antiques and more. Peaceful little sleepy little village along the river.

St. Charles was founded in 1769 by Louis Blanchette, a French Canadian Fur Trader, The Rendezvous and jumping off point for The Lewis and Clark Expedition, first Capital of the State of Missouri in 1826, and home of Daniel Boone one of the first settlers who built a home in the area. It is the oldest settlement in northern Missouri and the third oldest in the state. Originally named for St. Charles Borromeo, Arch Bishop of Milan Italy. There is much history here to explore and enjoy. There were the French Fur Trappers, the Native Americans, an influx of German immigration in 1830, as well as Spanish influence in this beautiful little village.

San Carlos Borromeo was the name of the 2nd church built in the area. A beautiful statue of San Carlos Borromeo, Patron Saint of Learning sits on a hill over looking the village.
Stature of San Carlos Borromeo
Lewis and Clark PlaqueThis plaques documents The mission given by President Thomas Jefferson to Lewis and Clark with a quote from Thomas Jefferson and a journal entry from William Clark.

We spent a very enjoyable day here and I look forward to a return visit. A short car ride from St. Louis, it's easy to make a day trip. Though it might be fun to lodge there next time in one of the historic bed and breakfast locations.

**Will explore Daniel Boone's house in Defiance in a few days, don't miss it.
***Still have a couple of weeks to vote, I do truly appreciate your voting for my blog.
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  1. I do love those kind of houses. It sure is a quaint little village. Beautiful.

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack

  2. On my recent Lewis and Clark road trip I actually passed through St. Charles, but I was in a hurry to get to some place else and just stopped by to get something in the Walmart. I was hoping to find a picture of that Walmart here, just to bring back memories. Please, more Walmart photos in the future (just kidding)!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to visit! It's interesting to see that the Lewis and Clark trail is there since it comes all the way out here in Oregon!

  4. wow, seems like a great town for me. if only i live in states maybe i can tour that place. i love to read articles of places and histories and i bookmarked this site for me to comeback again...

    thank you as well for visiting my site and commenting...have a nice day....

  5. wow, seems like a great town for me. if only i live in states maybe i can tour that place. i love to read articles of places and histories and i bookmarked this site for me to comeback again...

    thank you as well for visiting my site and commenting...have a nice day....

  6. If you-all had of overshot the runway by a couple of hundred miles to the southwest and landed in Springfield, you would have been where we are. Hey, we are only 45 miles north of Branson, if you can take a hint.

  7. I've been to St. Charles just once (2005 I think?), beautiful town. My husband was stationed out in Fort Leonard Wood and we spent many weekends in St. Louis. One day we just happened upon a street festival in St. Charles. What a wonderful treat that was!

  8. I wrote about the Lewis and Clark Trail in one of my books for kids...brought back memories!

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  10. Hi
    It's me Tweedles
    I came to EXPLORE. Nice and interesting.
    I know about Lewis and Clark cause they came all the way to Oregon. I have been to the sites in Oregon, but not Missouri. It's a long long ways.
    I love EXPLORING. Lets do MORE

  11. Hey Sandy,
    I'm under the weather & having to lie low these days. No golf either. Boo Hoo! It is wonderful that you are able to travel like you do and take in all the sites. I thank you for bringing these wonderful locations to my home. Will check back again soon!

    Friends 4 Life!

  12. I've never been to Missouri and many places that you've been so I always enjoy living through your blog and photos.

  13. Hi Sandy - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You are more than welcome to join our ABC Wed group - we would love to see and share the different places you have traveled!

  14. Hi there!!! Long time no chat. Your blog has been "revamped", nice! Good to see you out and about. Hey, you should travel to the big "Somerville, Alabama". Whhhoooo hooooo!

  15. I've never visited St. Charles... haven't really been in Missouri too often. Looks like there's a lot of history there. {:-D

  16. We have been to many places in Missouri and always enjoy ourselves. This is one spot we have not had the pleasure to visit and it is most charming.

    Thanks for sharing your visit with all of us!! I love to see new places and you really got some wonderful photos and also a lot great information!!

    I hope you have a great day,

  17. What a nice place to be in. I hope I can go there soon.


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