Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

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King Louis IX stature
This statue was the symbol of the city, until replaced with The famous Arch. Apothesis King Louis IX of France resides in Forest Park.

Forest Park:
City owned
Opened to the public in 1876
One of the largest parks in the country
500 acres larger than Central Park in New York (1,293 acres)
Location of The 1904 Worlds Fair
Historic Buildings
Golf...3 courses
Beautiful landscape
Trails for walking, biking, roller blading
Art Museum
History Museum (Missouri Historical Society)
Birding paradise
Muny for opera, Shakespeare and more
Science Center
Ice skating rink (largest outdoor rink in the midwest)
fishing, boating, picnicing

No wonder 12 million people visit this fantastic park every year. My post is a bit unusual above, just listing some of things one can do or find to enjoy while visiting Forest Park. Winter, Spring, Summer, or or night or both. You really must tour this park, and really once is not enough.

I've lost, from computer to computer I think some of the many pictures I took on various trips there. Here though are a few I took at night. I highly encourage everyone, people of all ages, people with or without pets....come romp and enjoy!
Forest Park
Forest Park
Forest Park

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  1. The 3 golf courses would be enough to get me there. I'm sure everything else would be interesting too. lol Thanks again my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

    P.S. Got my first check back from the Fuel Club!!

  2. It's good to see that you are still blogging along. For after seeing that you had not responded to any of your comments lately, I was afraid that something may have happened to you.

  3. Thanks FishHawk, but I wasn't aware I'd missed responding somewhere along the line. My posts are pretty current; but it's nice to see friends checking on friends.

    Hey Eddie
    Congrats on your first check! I'm excited for you.

  4. I've been wondering about you too and glad to see you are back with another wonderful place to visit!

  5. i would love to have a sneak peek at 1876 and see what life was like back then. public owned. love it! looks beautiful

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack

  6. Some times I miss those places we lived. but only when I see the photos.:-)

  7. Hi Sandy,
    Well I am still fighting with bad weather and satellites here or I would have stopped over sooner.

    Thank the Good Lord my other satellite decided to kick in.

    I really should stop by here more often. I love your post. I love history and also learning about new places.

    Now as to the email subscription and the feed subscription it all has to do with boosting your ratings in search engines.

    The more people you have that subscribe via email and feed the better visibility and higher rank your blog with Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

    Now I was never very concerned with this before. But, my husband retires in less than 2 years from now.

    We are very blessed but do live very modestly and will have to depend on a 2nd source income after he retires.

    He is very healthy and vital for his age. But, if at all possible I really don't want to have him forced into hard manual labor for the rest of his life.

    I am disabled and have been for almost 10 years now. So we made a decision and a commitment to give it a go with our photography and art.

    That is why the donate button is on my page. We are currently working as hard as we can to save and purchase everything we need to go commercial.

    Right now we are looking at a minimum of almost $12,000 just to buy the proper camera and lenses to get print quality photos.

    So it has also been become very important to get the blog out there. Since I made these changes you can now search for The Painted Veil and unless it's changed you will now find my blog mixed in on the 1st page.

    Before I was pages and pages back. So it really is all about simply gaining more visibility for your blog.

    I am subscribed to many blogs via email. I get their email in my box the minute they publish and then can make my way there to comment.

    So that's it in a nutshell. I do so hope you have a great afternoon. Thanks so much for stopping in and leaving such a lovely comment. You are correct. They were all inspired by landscapes and the coast line along Maine!!

    Happy day!!

  8. I feel really bad that you may have lost many great travel photos that we will never get to see on your blog.

  9. Looks like another place I will have to visit when I go to St. Louis to visit my son and his wife! Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. I would really love to travel around the globe! Hope one day I will be able to do so. ^_^

  11. That looks like one cool place to visit...


  12. Amazing how many things there are to see in the USA. Keep it up.

  13. Great looking parks and a beautiful statue too!

  14. "12 million people visit this fantastic park every year"... that's very impressive!

  15. Is that the one where the movie, I can't remember the title with Tom Hanks.

  16. Somehow I know that you're gathering more and more travel photos now.

    I'm always looking for horse trails when I go didn't mention those!


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