Grand Canyon, Arizona

cold people at Grand Canyonblack bean soupBlack Bean Soup. Look how beautiful it is. You're scratching your head and wondering why I'm showing you a picture of black bean soup, with a post title of Grand Canyon, right? We had the advantage of being there in winter. In winter, it's far less crowded. Not many people want to bundle up like we did. No, I'm not in the picture of the 3 bundles of coats, hats, hoods, scarves etc. As usual, I'm behind the camera, with a cold hand pushing the shutter. lol Since we were there during non season we were able stay at Kachina Lodge and walk to the main lodge for dinner in the fine dining room. It's my understanding reservations must be made way way in advance to stay on property during peak season and eat at The Lodge. And since we were there during the winter, we saw sites a little differently than most summer visitors do.
Hopi Point Grand CanyonsHopi Point SunsetHopi Point noted for it's sunsets is on the West Rim. We made it just a few minutes before the sun set. The first picture is just before, while the 2nd one is as it's setting. It doesn't take long, and is unbelievably dark and cold in a flash. No camera captures the feel of The Grand Canyons. They really are just mammoth, so much more than the lens can see. Much of area is closed in winter, as the trails become very slippery and dangerous with ice and snow, so we hiked less than we had planned. But, we did tromp quite a bit in the snow and loved every minute of it; freezing wind being quite a problem.

Yes, I still recommend you go; just bring your long johns!
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  1. You know I love the Grand Canyon and bean soup! Three or four years ago we took our entire family on vacation there. It was a wonderful time.
    The memorable thing that happened one day is that a big gust of wind came up and blew Christian's stroller down the path with Christian in it! Luckily Chuck caught it in time!

  2. Grand Canyon is one of my favorite and should-visit destinations. I haven't gone there but just from the picture I can say it shows how really great is the GOD creature

  3. I went to the Grand Canyon this last summer and I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to go in the winter! We went to the North Rim and it was really beautiful. Very hot but beautiful!

  4. The Hopi Point pictures are beautiful. The view there must be breathtaking.

    I love the way they decorated the black bean soup. Very unique.

  5. Never been there in the Winter, I'm like a bear I tend to hibernate during those months, love the sunset photo.

  6. i have heard about Grand Canyon......seen it in movies and pictures of it......

    must have enjoyed it rite....\,,/

  7. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon. It must be awesome even during winter.

  8. I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but I have to admit, I don't think I would want to go in the winter. I just dislike cold too much. I don't ski or snowmobile either.


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