Montezuma Castle, Arizona

Montezuma CastleMontezuma CastleMontezuma Castle
Montezuma Castle, one of 4 historic and culturally significant areas claimed as a National Monument in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. What a forward thinking outdoors man he was. A near 1,000 year old story preserved in this limestone cliff. One of best examples in North America of cliff dwellers.

This ruin is a 20 room high rise. Visitors to the park used to explore it first hand after climbing up a series of steep ladders. Due to decay, the site was closed to the general public in 1951. It is now only open to Park Rangers to check on it's condition. Visitors are able to walk around and get a good look from below and above; from the paths surrounding it.

The castle was vacated some 600 years ago by the Sinagua (Spanish word meaning sin and water, without water).

It reminded me of our fascinating tour years ago at Mesa Verde, which is also now closed to the public. To think of how advanced their life was boggles the mind.

I highly recommend this as a must stop when in the area. Summer months are hot, bring sunscreen and water. In all season's good walking shoes/boots are a must. Leave your sandals at home, or back at the hotel.

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  1. It looks really beautiful! And I bet the weather is beautiful this time of year.

  2. Amazing how someone could create such a massive castle way back in the days of no modern machinery.
    This would be very interesting to see for sure

  3. I hadn't heard about this place before but now I would love to go see it!

  4. It looks amazing. Would love to visit one day.

  5. Here is an interesting fact on Montezuma Castle National Monument. Though it was built and used by Sinagua around 700 A.D, the name was coined by European Americans in 1860s . The name was for Aztec emperor of Mexico Montezuma II, since there is a disbelief that he constructed the monuments. Obviously this is one of the easy to access and visit monument in Southwestern US.

  6. Actually Andy it's not that easy to visit for people who are used to paved walk ways and over looks, or passing by something in their car to look out the window. You need to hike in and up and around. Though it most definitely worth it. Interesting fact about the Aztec Emperor. Thanks for adding the info

  7. That looks so neat set up in the middle of the cliffs like that! Imagine what it must have taken to build it!

  8. Looks like lots of good exercise could be found here! Neat place!

  9. Fab pics!! My uncle-in-law, who is 84, goes to Arizona every January for 3 months - somewhere a little south of Patagonia! P.S. Wondering, have you ever traveled to the west coast side of Puerto Rico?

  10. The castle looks amazing! :D
    I've never been to a cliff before as far as I can remember.

    BTW, your new theme color is pretty much vibrant! I love it Sandy!


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