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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stranger Danger, Sausalito, A-Z challenge

S is the letter of the day.  Travel with me to Sausalito
Stranger Danger...if you've got kids, grandchildren and the like you're know what I'm referring to.  Kids are taught at a very young age about Stanger Danger.  Now think about that and the mass of people at an airport.  When you travel with a child they don't know what to expect.  They don't know whom to afraid off or who's "safe".  You have lots of travelers, airport personnel, security people.  Is it any wonder children scream, cry, crawl on the floor or refuse to stand in line or talk to people who ask them questions?

Parents should prepare the child for what will happen, what they'll see so they're not taken by surprise.  Knowing ahead of time what to expect provides a level of comfort.  If you prepare your children, they'll be better travelers, your job will be easier and less stressful and your fellow passengers will be appreciative.  They should know ahead of time they will be walking through the line without being carried, and that they'll need to remove their shoes.

Adults have comfort zones, children really are no different.

**After the close of April's A-Z, I plan to continue to write a post a day in the month of May using again the A-B-C's as my guide.  My focus for the month of May will be Spain.  I've been planning and almost have every letter thought out.  If others are interested in continuing to blog daily using our A-B-C's, please let me know.  We could start a linky and continue what we've begun during April.  I don't imagine it will be anywhere near the scope of the annual April Challenge.  But, if you're interested, please let me know in your comment.  And even if you're not up for another blog challenge, do stop back in, I have much to share from recent travels to Spain.**

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  1. That's a great idea to continue with the alphabetical organization even after the A to Z is over. I like having some kind of system to keep me going. New follower here, and thanks for stopping in at The Write Game to say hi!

  2. Nice to meet and connect through atozchallenge. I'm so jealous of all the wonderful places you have visited.

    1. Please leave your url by using the name and url option, then it will be a live link vs the cut and paste you've left; or make it a live link by using the hypertext method. Scroll back to my Sunday post to see how to do it and sing out if you need help.

    2. Tried to visit your blog to return the favor of a comment and to follow up on whether you needed help with the hyperlink etc, but you're blog is open ONLY to those folks who are google+ so I wasn't able to leave a comment.........even after multiple clicks.

  3. Sandy, I think parents should always be explaining processes to their children. Good advice

  4. I like this post. One of my favourite childhood memories was visiting the airport as an outing. Is that even still possible?

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge

    1. Only on the outer parts before security, we used to do that too when I was a kid. We didn't even usually go in, but enjoyed watching from the viewers platform the planes come and go, when you could see passengers on the tarmack.

  5. I was thinking about possibly keeping up with daily posts on our travel blog too but I need to get back to my weight loss/fitness blog. Maybe I'll do the alphabet over there lol We'll see, I might be able to handle both.

    Nice to meet you!

  6. I like that it helps keeps blogs current, if you do your travel and or weight loss one in May, be sure and let me know.


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