Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Packing Toiletries

T's the letter for today, Toiletries or Turtle Park, for T destination.
Packing Toiletries can be time consuming, difficult, and be be the biggest item that tips the scales of your luggage weighing too much.  Why?
  • The actual weight and size of the bag you use to pack your toiletries can be part of the problem.  Look at the difference in the two bags.  I loved the look of my Vera Bradley bag, and I liked that I got it on line for really cheap when it was out of season; but no matter how I packed it, it rolled up large and was heavy.  I take shampoo, hair spray, a few meds, toothpaste etc. all the usual stuff.  I should add, I don't wear make up so that's not even packed in there.  The construction of the bag makes it heavy, the heavy duty plastic to contain liquids is the primary reason, I believe.  The 2nd bag, the red Eddie Bauer one has been made with a light weight fabric specifically to be light weight, yet durable.  Purpose over appearance.  You can see how much smaller it is.  I packed almost the same stuff in it and it rolled up smaller.  The actual roll size saves space in the suitcase as well as weight. 
  • Liquids really add to the weight.  Did you know that a pint of liquid...a pint is pretty small but it weights a whole pound?  Think about the liquid you pack.  Shampoo, Conditioner, mouthwash, perfume, body spray, hair gel, hair spray.  All those things add up pretty quickly.  Lotions and liquid soap as well.
  • I bounce back and forth about what is easier, makes more sense and or packs best ...multiple small containers vs 1 large container with regard to things like toothpaste and hair spray.  If you pack 3 or 4 small containers of hair spray, you can throw them out as you go...therefore making more room in your bag.  Same goes with toothpaste.  Example 1 normal size hair spray weights 10 oz vs 1.5 in the little travel size of my brand (S-G).  So even with taking 4 little ones 4 x 1.5=6, I'm saving 4 oz, plus I'll have ability to toss as I go.  The trick is to mark the one you're using so you keep using the same one til empty...vs have 4 partials and still needing to tote them all.
**After the close of April's A-Z, I plan to continue to write a post a day in the month of May using again the A-B-C's as my guide.  My focus for the month of May will be Spain.  I've been planning and almost have every letter thought out.  If others are interested in continuing to blog daily using our A-B-C's, please let me know.  We could start a linky and continue what we've begun during April.  I don't imagine it will be anywhere near the scope of the annual April Challenge.  But, if you're interested, please let me know in your comment.  And even if you're not up for another blog challenge, do stop back in, I have much to share from recent travels to Spain.**

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  1. I love miniatures for travelling and/or small bottles that can be filled up from my big shampoo and conditioner bottle at home. Over the years I've worked out exactly how much will last me for a week or 2 or 3 weeks. It's fun too to buy my shower gel at my destination - the nerd in me loves seeing something on the shelf in a different language :)

    I also found a clear plastic make up bag for my carry on luggage - which is so handy for clearing security without having to dump everything out.

    I'm delighted to be following you along Sandy - great tips on this A to Z.

  2. We've got a collection of small bottles for travel, but I usually pack the whole bathroom when we go somewhere--which is why it's good we love road trips, and everything goes right in ziplocks inside our bags, just in case.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  3. Sandy, Depending on the length of my trip, or where I'm going, I hardly take any toiletries. I like to stock up when I get to my destination and not worry about weight or space in my bag, but good info!

  4. I use trail sizes, small plastic bottles & jars, & a large, clear plastic make-up bag from an old Clinique purchase. Clinique is no longer my brand but I'm thrilled to have the bag. LAst year, I spent 5 weeks traveling & only needed to buy sunblock & moisturizer (because I took a trial size that leaked.

    Love this post. Glad to have discovered you through the A to Z Challenge.


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