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This is sorta a bookkeeping item...Though a great way for you to take a virtual trip, no packing necessary. Sit there in the comfort of your computer chair and travel with me to a place with animals, a place to learn facinating history of Chicago, a place to get kids and adults excited about writing, a place that celebrates the fun and joy of motherhood, buy fun gifts from the ever popular Hello Kitty without having to travel to the crowded mall and spend precious time and money on gas, travel abroad with me to The Phillipines...you don't even need a passport.

I want to thank my top 3 droppers for April from EntreCard
Mother by Design
IWalk u2?
Hello Kitty Gifts

I'd also like to thank my top 3 ads that helped me with clicks from EC
Chicago Journal
Phillipines Travel
Laane Loves

Anyone following the daily changes at EntreCard will know the back and forth between paid ads. All those listed in bold above are folks who do NOT accept paid ads.

Dropping is nice, it can be fun, you see lots of blogs. YOu can use your EC credits for things in the market place or to purchase ads yourself on others blogs; however...EC doesn't track top commentors...but I do.

Thanks bunches Jan for being my top commentor for the month of April. If you're into animals you'll want to check out her newest blog, if you're into writing she's got that covered too.

So today I travel to Thank You Land, anywhere USA, or really anywhere in the World. The virtual world is an amazing place.

What a fun and interesting new toy for me. Well not really a toy, in that it's a great way to make connections with other bloggers. Some might be your topic, but many aren't and thats the beauty of it. There is no registration so joining is fast, and easy. Even for folks like me who are techy challenged. Activation is also quick and easy. Take a look on my right side bar for the cool widget with 2 thumbnails of other blogs. They change; but if you mouse over and click you're instantly taken to that page. A page you probably wouldn't be familiar with otherwise. What a great way to meet another blogger. Read their post, leave a comment and keep going. They'll have a widget on their page too. 2 pages per widget, with a small summary of their last post. Pick a topic, they're all covered. It's only been a few days since I joined and am really happy that I did. I've already told several people about how cool it is. Check it out for yourself. Look at my widget. Click on the blue bar in the middle...like a book binder. You too can join and start blog walking to some new and interesting blogs.

If you'd like to travel to The California Coast and see a LightHouse Hostel, please scroll back to my previous post.

If you like trees, stick around; next post will be traveling to Muir Woods, what an awesome place to visit in California


  1. You're awesome and so is the information on your blog. How can I thank you?

  2. Hmm, I am definitely going to have to check out this new BlogUpp thingy.

  3. That sounds interesting... will have to have a look at it; thanks

  4. You are very welcome, but you ought to know that for some strange reason I don't see your EC drop card. Have I gone blind?

  5. Dear Sandy,
    I enjoyed visiting your blog. I liked the story about the Muir forest. I want to visit it next time I am in San Francisco. Also I clicked on your Entrecard widget. I will put your badge on my site (http://artmusingbyalexander.blogspot.com). Read my blog carnival: Art and tTravel next time you visit, or some of my other arts widgets, like Writer's Cafe. Hope to see you again soon, Gail

  6. Dear sandy,
    i too love to visit your blog, your posts are fantastic and i am a lover of beautiful places. just as you said yourself, it is the second best option to sit in front of your monitor and click mouse buttons to see those beautiful places after visiting them physically.
    thanks for sharing your travels with us.


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