Special Thank You for my Traveling Companions

I've traveled lots of places and have been blogging about places to go, things to see when traveling. I've also posted a few things not to see and do, age appropriate and things of that nature.

Some people travel with children, some travel in groups, some travel with friends, and some travel with their families........some travel by plane, some travel by car, and yes some travel on buses and in trains........... DRUM ROLL......the cheapest and less taxxing way to travel in any of these forms in here on my blog. You can take a virtual vacation, it will cost you nothing, you don't have to plan for months, you don't have to do laundry or pack. I love having traveling companions and hope you'll all come frequently and leave me comments...it's nice to know whom I'm traveling with. lol

I've been blogging about travel since Feb of this year, and would like to thank my regular travelers/commentors. I love having you with me, sharing in my trips. My thanks is mentioning you here, and leaving links to your webpages. I'm working on adding a special area for my frequent travelers, but since I'm a bit tech challenged...it's still in the works.

No, not all these folks have travel blogs, venture out and see what they're blogging about.
Ollie McKay

These 6 folks have traveled with me at least 4 times.

Stayed tuned for more travel tips. Out of town for a few days folks, so apologies ahead for not being able to visit, drop, comment etc. My daughter is getting her Masters! We're quite excited and proud.

****Errrrrrr, I typed this blog note before leaving town, I changed the date and it was suppose to run on the 23rd. I click today (the 26th) on scheduled posts while in edit mode and see it's still there and never got published. ???? How does one SCHEDULE s post? Would love someone to post how...THANKS in advance.

Please return soon, I'll have interesting things to share with you all.
Now, though must do laundry from the trip to Baltimore, mow the yard, and water the flowers


  1. How nice of you Sandy for the link, I love reading about your trips especially places I've never been, but it's also exciting to see your photos of places I know like your trip to Gettysburg. I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one and congrats to your daughter.

  2. Aww, Sandy! Thanks! I appreciate the linky love.

    As for how to schedule posts, look under the Post Options on the compose screen. You can change the date there.

    Can't wait to hear about your latest adventures!

  3. Hi - I've popped over from Susan's blog over at the Meet and Greet. I have virtual-travelled to many, many spots all over the globe through my many blog buddies. And oh, how I love it!

  4. Hey Sandy,
    I thoroughly enjoy our travels together and thanks for the linky love! You bring all these places to life and I will look forward to our future travels together as well. I pray all went well with your daughter's graduation. I know the two of you are very proud of her. We are of our daughter. Safe travels my friends and I will look forward to your next post. Please stay in touch!

    Friends 4 Life!

  5. Hey ~ thanks for the Linky Love! Love reading about all your "travels" of all sorts!!!

  6. P.S. Oops ~ forgot to tell you I did grab your badge also with link back to your site! It's about the 8th or 9th Picture down on right side of blog! :)

  7. Thank you so very much for such a very honorable mention. I started to leave a comment on your post about downtown San Fran about how much fun it would have been (NOT!!!) to have tried to drive up Lombard Street in a tractor/trailer measuring around 66' in total length, but I just didn't. I still don't know why. Do I need to start worrying about something?

  8. Linky love, thats sweet! Too bad I don't have a blog.

  9. Did you still want to know how to schedule a blog post? You type your post then click on Options on the bottom left side. Put the date you wish for it to post,Make sure the hour is right. then click on Post. it will be put in your post file with the word scheduled on the post time. One thing that happened to me was I had go into my settings and make sure my time zone was right. After that was fixed I had no more trouble:-)

  10. Thank you so much for putting me on your list! Even though I don't have a travel blog I would love to meet some of your travelers!

  11. Auntie E, right you are, I didn't have my time zones right...that helped. Thanks too for your directions.



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