Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sausalito, California

Salsalito, across the bay from San Francisco is worth an afternoon of touring. The quaint city on the hillside has narrow winding streets lined with flower boxes adorning the windows. A busy little place, heavy traffic. Park the car and walk, you'll see more. A fun place to shop, tour art galleries, and have lunch or a snack but pricey!
wine glass
A jumping off point for many tours of the wine country, though you can taste plenty without hoping a tour bus. This glass was the largest wine glass I've consumed wine in. And one glass was enough!
water view of San FranciscoAs we crossed the bridge, we looked across the cloudy bay towards San Francisco.

packing shipA HUGE packing barge/ship. These are busy ports. We actually had a hard time even seeing the ship with our eyes, but through the beauty of computer edits; I am able to show it to you against the backdrop of San Francisco

hillside sceneThis view gives you a feel for how hilly it is, and how the houses are built into the hillside. Just outside the city is a floating city where houseboats are plentiful. Salsalito is home to the #1 Art Festival in the country held annually on Labor Day. We felt one afternoon of walking around was enough; though perhaps exploring the night life would have been fun. I wouldn't say this is a must to add to your travelagenda; but if you're in the area spend a few hours.


  1. It does look a bit chilly in the photo. Did you have more wine to warm you up later?

    Wine country is so much fun....we came home with a wine club 'bout you?

  2. Hi
    It's me Tweedles. I bet you didn't think that dang pug would be back so soon. Well, here I am. So now, tell me. What kind of entertainment do they have for pugs? I can't have wine- (so they say)- so , do they have ice cream?
    I have my chrystal ball set up, so I know when you do a bloggie now.

  3. Yes Jan,, wine later to warm up. But, we didn't get a wine membership when we were there. We've got one now; but not from there.

    Oh yes Tweedles, lots and lots of ice cream shops up and down the main drag, and you'd enjoy running between the rocks on shore.


  4. I remember the first time that I visited this area. I was so in LOVE with it!

    Thank you for bringing back fond memories!


  5. You are so right. This is beautiful country! I lived in Monterey for awhile and this reminds me of the Salinas wine country. If you like wine, what great places California has!

  6. beautiful! I hope you had a great time!

  7. This is such a beautiful part of California! It's not so easy to catch it on a sunny day but regardless, it's a great place to be!

  8. lived in SF for a few years. I loved it there! The California coast is so beautiful!

  9. that looks utterly beautiful and so peaceful too

  10. Hey Sandy,
    Looks like the two of you are having a wonderful time and I think that's great. Enjoy this life to its fullest and live so you will have no regrets.

    Friends 4 Life!

  11. Hi! We were just outside of Sausalito on Sunday, took the mountain road through Mill Valley and popped out on the coast at Stinson Beach. Spectacular Day on the coast!

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  13. This is really amazing experience, if someone ask me where to go 1st than I say I go 1st here & taste the wine. Thanks for sharing.

    Tulsa City Guide

  14. I want to go next time, and help you drink some of that wine

  15. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog post about Gooseberries!! I plan to make a gooseberry/rhubarb pie for a friend who likes things TART! Also the GB and Merlot jelly I mentioned, that's a must. The texture of a G.B. is really cool - a pop when you crunch down, then creamy smoothness, kinda like a giant caviar egg! I used to live in Marin County CA, for most of my youth, and have fond memories of Sausalito and Cafe Trieste. I should point out the spelling: since you will get better Google action spelling it with the saUsalito than saLsalito - but not a big deal! You really have done a lot of traveling, that's for sure - and I'm impressed. Ever been up Seattle way? I highly recommend a trip up here in September - it's stunning!! Not so rainy and great fall foliage color. Friendly people too and super scenery. Take care and keep on truckin'!! Thanks, Bonnie

  16. Just a heads up, the correct spelling is Sausalito.

  17. We are heading to San Francisco/Carmel/Monterey in June. I have already figured out that we'll need to go back to see a lot more. Salsalito sounds nice.


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