Richmond, Virginia

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downtown RichmondAmerican Civil War CenterLincoln Statue
The American Civil War Center is located at The Historic Tredegar Iron Works at 490 Tredegar Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Truly this is in downtown Richmond, from the center you can see the downtown skyscrapers. The sign welcoming you to The American Civil War Center is on a large Arch from one of the original buildings. "To Bind up the Nations Wounds" Stature seems most appropriate. The museum shows 3 different perspectives of the cause and effective of The Civil War. Three vastly different perspectives are that of The Union, The Confederate, and The African American. The center is open 9-5 daily except special holidays. Entrance fees are $8.00 for adults, $6.00 for students and seniors, and reduced to $2.00 for children; with those younger than 6 free. Tredegar Iron Works was founded in 1836 and named after a Welsh town.


In 1847 it was producing cannons for The US Government and armor plates for The Navy. The Foundry produced many other things such as trains, locamotives, wheels, spikes and more. Pictured above are Cupola's from The Virginia State Penitentiary, and a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer manufactured in 1862. The foundry produced items for The Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and The Korean War.

Situated on the James River in downtown Richmond it operated on water power. It employed a huge number of employees, 5 of the original buildings still stand. This is a National Historic Landmark, owned and operated by The National Parks. A visitors center, expansive museum, and gift shop are among the many things here to enjoy.

I highly recommend this as a must stop for people of all ages, even those who aren't history enthusiast. The area is quite pretty, a good place for the kids to run off some energy. Picnic areas exist, so take a break and relax.

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  1. As close as we live, I've never been to the center. Will definitely check it out later this year.

  2. Virginia is a beautiful state. Did you know that I wrote a kid's book about Virginia for Scholastic? I always learn a lot more (than I already knew) when I write about places.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    American history has been one of my favorite readings. Why USA is what she is right now is because of the experiences of the people over time. Been there and live there and would have wanted to stay but my obligation to my country took precedence.

    Regards to you and your family,


  4. Great post, I am enjoying traveling with you.

  5. my parents have been to richmond and had the best time. i loved hearing their stories.

    some of my favorite travel info/tips have been from those who've been there. thanks for sharing!

  6. Virginia is one state that hubby and I haven't visited yet. Hopefully we'll get there during our next visit to the US. It's such a big country to explore. :)
    Anyway, Richmond looks like an interesting place to visit.

  7. I love the title of your blog and its content... My husband is a sailor and I am sure he will love to go to this place.. thanks for sharing..

  8. Wow, I would love to visit that someday..

  9. Hello Sandy,
    You and hubby have been blessed by being able to visit such interesting sites here in the US. It is even better that you wish to share these experiences with others that might not have a chance to see these landmarks. Be safe in your travels!

    Friends 4 Life!

  10. I've only been to Arlington, VA but I would love to visit Richmond one day. There's so much history on the east coast and I hope to be able to spend more time there.

  11. hi you may now post comments to my articles i was able to set it up properly.

  12. I have only driven through Richmond, never having time to stop, and take in the rich history. Someday I will get to it. I have a friend from Richmond, that lives here in Florida now, and she misses it.

  13. Richmond is only an hour away. Kids are a little young to enjoy the history but we'll definitely get there when they are a little older.
    Where to next?

  14. Nice post.You are showing great info .
    I came from entrecard . Please return the favour by visiting and commenting .

  15. I love Virginia!! My dad is originally from there so we used to visit often when I was young! Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.

  16. Your blog is so much fun to visit, and all the information! You are definitely a great travel blog! {:-Deb

  17. I have never been to this part of Virginia. Actually, I've driven through Virginia, but I've never stayed along enough to check out the sites.

  18. Hi Sandy! :)

    I was going to wait for tomorrow to get back to you (I"m reading your comments via my email inbox) but then the questions just kept comin'! Good lord, woman! hahahahahahaha! So, here I am! Well, you DO know how to get what you want, don't you? :)

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    You just can't to anything unique with your individual posts. That's all. Aside from that, it's a winner. For a blog like mine. But if your blog is more "functional" in nature, I suggest you go with a different template that's not so "stuck in the ancient past"...which is something that works for me, but may not work for you.

    Ok that was long. :)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, and ASK QUESTIONS! hahahahahahha! And I do hope to have you around often!

    Oh about my writing which you did not understand....

    When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

    When you are there, you will understand it.


  19. My Dad was a teacher so growing up ALL of our family vacations revolved around historical sites!

    Stopping by from Harriet's!

  20. i clicked and voted for your travel blog! we're trying to go to w. va. for a vacation next week - hopefully, we can! very informative post!

  21. Hopefully one day, I can visit this historic state! Beautiful pictures!

  22. i am hoping to get to this place someday :) and i'll use your site to help me with the planning.

  23. Hi Sandy,
    what a great history. i hope to visit Virginia someday.

    happy weekend.

  24. Great place. I love historic places.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  25. Thanks for being my first commenter in my recent post Sandy and i'm here to grab your badge.

    Hope you enjoy your Monday. :)

  26. Richmond is a neat city and has so much to offer. I'd highly recommend seeing the Museum of the Confederacy as well, located in downtown Richmond. That's a neat place!

  27. Hi Sandy,
    thanks for sharing such wonderful history:D when I visited DC last month, I didn't realize how interesting it is and there's just so much to do that we never get enough to explore some of the museums:(( but we're planning to visit Richmond next year:D)) so, thanks for this post^-^
    have a good day!

  28. Wanted to let you know I voted! your blogs so much fun :)


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