Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

rows of marble gravestonesRow on row of gravestones, an impressive site with the white marble glistening bright reflecting the heat of the day. And hot it was, most of the grass no longer green scorched from the extreme temperatures. We did our best to go the distance between the trolley and walking to see and feel as much as we could. The feeling you get is hard to describe; but something I believe everyone should experience. Let me suggest you go though not in the August heat.
James Richmond Medal of Honor HeadstoneShade inches up on Pvt. James Richmond's gravestone (far left front row), a fellow Ohioan who captured The Flag at Gettysburg while serving in Co. F. 8th Ohio Infantry on that fateful day on June 3, 1864. A Medal of Honor Recipient, who gave his all; as so many did. 4 Million visitors annually visit Arlington. 200 acres filled with people to be remembered and honored. Park you car, walk or ride the tour bus; driving in the cemetery is only allowed with special permission for funerals. Visit the visitors center and obtain a map to help you plan your path.
Memorial Amphitheater Arlington National CemeteryThis is The Memorial Amphitheater where special ceremonies are held on Easter, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day. Thousands attend these special ceremonies. 44 US Battles from The American Revolution through The Spanish American War are inscribed around the freize above the colonnade
Kennedy GravestonesThe Eternal Flame, President John F. Kennedy's final resting place, that of his wife and 2 of his children. It's very difficult to obtain a decent picture because everyone wants to be there. What I found terribly troubling was the lack of quiet reference I believe should have existed. I've discussed this with others who toured here at Arlington. They experienced the same, rudeness really. People want pictures, pushing and shoving in some cases to get where they felt they had a right to be. I was filled with such emotion, remembering his being assassinated. Remembering where I was when I heard the horrible news. And so, I stood here on the side and took my photo at these unpretentious graves.

Tomb of The UnknownProbably no one needs me to say this is the changing of the guard at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. A very very impressive site, watching the precision and the dedication shown by these guards. The Tomb is in need of repair from the elements and places are worn from the guards movements. The 3rd Infantry, The Old Guard has this very high honor 365 days a year through all kinds of weather.

The first graves were dug by James Parks, a former slave at Arlington House. He is the only person buried at Arlington who was born there.

The history of those that served spans far and wide and touches many of our family trees. A separate history of Arlington House, as well as a separate tour awaits those with stamina when they get to the top of the hill. Thought many say it was Robert E. Lee's house that's not technically correct. It belonged to his wife's family. Pvt. William Henry Christman of the 67th Pennsylvania Infantry was the first military burial. It was thought if Union Soldiers were buried on the estate of Robert E. Lee, he could not and would not ever return.

I highly recommend spending time, lots of time here. Come prepared with sunscreen, water, and walking shoes. While I think children need to experience this, I also suggest it's not suited for young children who need to run and yell. Parents need to prepare children for what they will see and experience so proper respect can be shown. I do hope to return for another visit, in cooler temperatures.
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  1. very very touching, I am crying! I enjoy graveyards, though I rather by cremated myself. I would love to go there... need to start keeping a journal - all because of YOU! lol {:-D

  2. People should always respect such places. It is rude for that people to push like it was just a touristic attraction!

  3. I didn't know that the Kennedy's were buried at Arlington. I will have to visit the cemetary some day.

  4. Very nice post. Brings back memories. My Grandpa Balestri, is buried in The National Cemetery, in San Francisco. The White gravestones are riviting, to experience.

    Congrats on, Runner up, EzGreatLife! John is a great Dude. Let's keep up the DRC. I know you have been there since my start. Thank you!


  5. I really never know all this. It's good to visit this post.

  6. Wonderful post! We visited Arlington a long time ago and my husband and I were just saying how we need to go back one day. We went in January which is way colder than August!

  7. I'd love to visit Arlington National Cemetery. There's so much history there. I always thought the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier holds remains of those from the Civil War. Is that correct?

  8. You are so lucky that you are able to visit all these incredible historic sites. You see so much.
    I guess you can say you have truly seen the world. Thank you for sharing with us, who can only dream of experiencing what you have seen.

  9. I wish I could get to visit the beautiful places you've been to, Sandy. Thanks for never getting tired of sharing your beautiful experiences.

    Have a fabulous Sunday!


  10. What a touching post. It sure brings back memories from the past. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news of JFK. I was home from school sick and had the TV on....

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  12. How sad people don't act with respect when visiting a place like this. Sadly, I ran into the same thing when there; but it was only a few people.

    A wonderful post, I can feel the emotion you shared with us.


  13. this is a very informative blog regarding the historical places.

  14. This is a collective blog,we simply impressed.

  15. It sure brings back memories from the past. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news of JFK.I really appreciate for this ..thanks for share it.

  16. I have seen this name in many Magazine and Newspaper articles but none have shown as many photos and lacks the description that you share here. It alone is filled with so much history I could say that even a day visit would not cover seeing and knowing all that Arlington National Cemetery has to relate.

    It sure looks an awesome and sober Cemetery. Gosh! It must be huge to include an Amphitheater at its grounds.

    This is another great article from you, Sandy!

    Keep it up!

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  18. After long time i found this type of article,i really love to go through this article.

  19. I didn't know that the Kennedy's were buried at Arlington. I will have to visit the cemetary some day.


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