Cape Cod Lighthouse, Massachusettes

Cape Cod Lighthouse Cape Cod Lighthouse (Highland Light), is the oldest of the lighthouses in Cape Cod. It's tower is 66 feet, on a hill 130 feet above the beach. A wonderful lighthouse museum can be toured for a small fee. Over time erosion shortened the distance the lighthouse was from the shore. A severe winter storm in 1996 took away 40 feet; causing great concern. The following summer the lighthouse was moved back to a safer distance.
lighthouse plaque This plaque indicates the exact location of the original lighthouse.

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  1. What a beautiful lighthouse! I'd love to visit Cape Cod. I've been east, but just not there. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!

  2. Looking at that lighthouse, I was thinking; Wowwww, I've been there! I was fascinated by it too and very interested as I am from Norway where we have a long coast line and lot of them too.

    A very nice house and garden and museum of course - thanks for taking me down the memory lane :-)

  3. I like a place with a good history. That’s why I find the oldest this or that really intriguing. It’s good to find a place that has survived even all this time, the lighthouse is one of them.

  4. You can't many places like this anymore. Hopefully, more efforts are exerted to protect the historical landmarks in our country.

    Seek No More

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  6. Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today..........................

  7. lighthouses have always fascinated me. im not sure if they still build them these days do they? shame.

    p.s not sure if you know or not m8 but slogbite is no more, and the widget leads to dead links now and 'pages not found' so i removed all mine :)

    Tina from
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ

  8. Lighthouses are fascinating! Like a trip back in time.

  9. Lighthouses are always cool, it's a shame so many are in need of repair or have gone by the wayside.


  10. I went to Cape Cod's Lighthouse Beach Water last year during the last week of July. Plenty of time for the water to heat up. But it was numbingly cold. Someone told me that, because of the tradewinds, or whatever, the water their is always flowing south from the artic, so it's ALWAYS cold. Is this true or did we just catch a bad week?

  11. True David, the water there is always cold. You don't tend to see swimmers like you do on other beaches throughout the country

  12. I'm from the cape I think in the summer you can tour this lighthouse for free on select days.

  13. I must admit that in the Western Hemisphere, great effort is taken to preserve heritage. This is something that is not as keenly done over in Asia. Relocating and restoring like how it was done for the Cape Cod Lighthouse is a thing that Asians should take a lesson.

    Lighthouses if they could only speak, what stories would abound about the vessels that were saved and those that were imperilled and perished on the shores.

  14. @ David
    When folks up here talk about warm beach water I have found it is VERY subjective. They compare it to the options in New England. So what is warm to them is not warm to people used to other beaches. When I saw this question I knew I had to answer as it drove me nutz my first few years up here!

  15. Boy are you on the mark David with your response to Max.


  16. There are a lot of things to do on Cape Cod. It is an exciting place where you can find amazing beaches, great lodging, good food and wonderful people!


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