Sunday, February 21, 2010

Harbour Town Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Harbour Town LighthouseA common site when one thinks about Hilton Head. This is the little lighthouse in Harbour Town, a symbol of the Island. Seen often when watching golf from the area. The lighthouse is 90 foot tall, is open as a museum to the public for $5.00. A small gift shop at the base and on top provide shopping opportunities. As you climb the stairs you're viewing the museum items. I'm told this is a good place to watch the sunset. It was about to close the first day we were here, and the 2nd day I tried to tour it; it was closed for maintenance and painting.
Harbour Town Golf LinksHarbour Town Golf Links right on the water's edge is a view you might be familiar with, as it's often shown during competitions on TV. Harbour Town is the toe area of the Island.
shopping in Harbour TownAs you walk the boardwalk you can view the gorgeous ships, soak in the sun (this was one such day), shop in the quaint little village area; or eat at any of the many restaurants. Though we found many restaurants closed during our stay; as it wasn't "in season".
StatueThis, I'm sure is a favorite past-time during the season. The folks you see behind the red rockers are lining up for ice cream. Further down we saw some folks rocking taking in the sun, and a few looked to be taking a nap, while the statue reading a book enjoying the view.
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  1. This looks like a fun place to visit.
    We love lighthouses, and everything you mentioned sounds like fun.
    It would be awsome to watch the sunset from there.
    But how can the sun go down in the East? It comes up in the East and sets in my ocean in the west.
    This time it is not the pug that is confused - its the mom,

  2. Very nice and entertaining post, as always.

    Reading your post makes me feel that I'm on an armchair travelogue, enjoying the places that you described, admiring the wholesome pics, and learning a thing or two about the area.

    By the way since I left Entrecard I have more time to read, enjoy, and comment, unlike before when I was sometimes on a mindless drop and run for the yellow widget.

  3. I always love to be here!

    I've never been to a lighthouse ever. I wish to experience it one day!


  4. Good direction Tweedles, but the lighthouse is round and you can see in all directions.


  5. Eli, was sorry to see you go, but got you book marked so I can still visit.

    June, I love lighthouses and think you would too

  6. I always enjoy watching the PGA tour at Harbour Town and the lighthouse is always a favorite on the 18th hole, I think. I'm sure it would cost at least one arm & leg to play it so it won't happen in my lifetime!

    Friends 4 Life!

  7. Hi there.I've posted the image at

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

  8. love the coast! you have a new layout, right? looks nice! {:-Deb

  9. I so love your blog! The last time was the cemetery now this! It's so beautiful. The place looks so relaxing. I think that is a great place for a vacation. Looking forward to more of your adventures!

  10. i found your blog on google and i found out that your topics here in your blog are interesting...

    keep it up..


  11. Hilton Head is definitely a place I would like to visit.

    Love the new layout, btw.

  12. The layout looks great. I haven't been to Hilton Head in years, but I long to go back.

  13. I love Lighthouses. There's something so reassuring about them. Their beauty is quiet and soothing....

  14. I love this area and a couple years back tried my darnedest to win the totally green dreamhouse in the HGTV giveaway, I would love to live there.

  15. Hope there next time. BTW, pics' so small lol

  16. I just love harbour towns, they are small, intimate and always have great fish dishes.

  17. The photos that you have displayed are so scenic. I am sure that a lot of care and planning has gone into the Harbour Town at Hilton Head Island to reach that wonderful stage.

    Although I live in the Philippines which comprise thousands of islands, none is as scenic as those you have shown. Much of what we have in the Philippines is idyllic coastal villages and unadulterated terrain.

    You are so blessed to be able to get to be there and to see such lovely places.

  18. This place is looking perfect for traveling. I 'll try to visit this place. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place.

  19. First I want to say that I like this new looks of site.That is a good and little lighthouse in Harbour Town.I also like photographs.This seems nice place.

  20. A good place of the world,when ever I get the chance,I will never miss the chance.

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