Travel Tips to Eat Well and Save Money

dinner couponCoupons! Seriously, who looks for coupons when they're traveling? I do and look what I found. Lo Russo's a favorite Italian Restaurant in St. Louis. We're traveling out to St. Louis this weekend to see a play our daughter's directing. Doing a search for the restaurant in order to get the address to plug in my GPS and found this very pleasant surprise of a dinner coupon. It's been several years since we've eaten there and are really looking forward to it. Our daughter spent the last 2 years in Baltimore and so we hadn't been back to St. Louis.

So here's my travel tip for you, check your computer before you go and see what's available by way of specials and discounts. Always click on deals for this hotel to see about a cheaper room rate. Always ask the front desk for dinner coupons (we've had some luck with this too), and plug the restaurant's name in your computer before you dine to see what specials are available.

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  1. This is a great tip and we always try to find ways to save on meals while discovering great new places!

  2. This is an awesome tip! This can help us save money for other fun things during the trip! Thank you for sharing.

  3. These tips are really great. I must try to follow these tips. Thanks for sharing such nice tips buddy.

  4. Have a great time in St. Louis and enjoy the play. Safe travels. I live nor far from there, but grew up across the river in Belleville.


  5. When I take the family somewhere, and we know well ahead, I got one of those coupon/entertainment books online. Since I get my local one, I can get the other city for 1/2 price or less and we tend to eat out so it really is a great deal!

  6. Hope you have a great time Sandy and enjoy your trip. Hope the play is a smash hit. I've never been to St Louis and hope you take lots of great pics to share.

  7. Totally unrelated... the new design rocks!

  8. This is an great tip ! This can help us save money

    thanks for sharing

    New Zealand Mirror Travel

  9. I love Italian food!

    It always pays to check out for discounts and promos in order to save money! Great tips!

    By the way, I hope you could update your linky love with my new domain- . Thanks a lot Sandy! Take good care my friend.

  10. Hey Sandy,
    Good advice my friend! Never really thought about checking out eating establishments before making a trip. I might just learn a thing or two if I keep reading your posts! lol Have a safe trip and enjoy the play.

    Friends 4 Life!

  11. I've never thought to do such a do it when i go shopping, so why not when i travel? thanks for the suggestion, now every dime saved counts!

  12. Good idea! There no reason not to take 5 minutes of your time to look for some good deals. The savings can really add up if you do this consistently.

  13. You can also find alot of coupons online these days. I found lots on my last trip to Las Vegas and saved alot of money. 2 for 1 buffets are gold!

  14. I have never gotten any coupan for traveling but I always search for some discount in traveling.Now I will always follow your travel tip.

  15. Coupons are a real bonus when traveling. Discounts can provide a bonus for both tourist and business owner, since the tourist can shop for more if he receives a discount and the owner gets more value out of the purchase. It's a great deal!

  16. Where to find the best grocery coupons online?
    I'm all into saving some money on coupons for groceries considering how much food is nowadays...
    Where are the best and legit places to find free online coupons that stores will take?

    Thanks a bunch!

  17. Those are excellent tips. yeah, it doesn't mean that when we are traveling we have to plunder our money. We have to learn how to save and spend it wisely.

  18. This is an awesome tip,I must try to follow these tips


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