Traveling Interstate 70, Illinois

World's largest cross measures 198 feet by 113 feet. This large cross is at the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interset 57 in Effingham, Illinois. At night it is lit and visible for quite a distance. A beacon.
The Cross in Effingham, IllinoisVisible for a good distance during the day also. It was built by The Effingham Cross Foundation using 180 tons of steel. Please take time to hop off the freeway, follow the small signs to see this up close and personal. There are 10 stations each with a button for audio homilies, a visitors center (with bathroom), and a video you can enjoy. There are several large crosses across the country. Groom Texas boast the 2nd largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. You can see how little hubby is by comparison...the speck of red, that's hubby. Click on the picture to enlarge it for a better view. I've lighten the photo for better visibility, as it was dark and gloomy...misting while we were there.
BisonThis picture of me and my bison was taken out front of The Indian Arts and Crafts Shop in St. Elmo, Illinois; also right along I-70. I have a thing about bison and so we stopped for a photo opt. However besides stopping to see the Bison I encourage you to stop and do a little shopping while you take a potty break. The selection of Native American crafts, and art is fabulous. Prices are quite good.

Too often in our travels people blow past items of interest, thinking only of the final destination. I really believe it's the journey, and not the final destination that can produce wonderful memories, opportunities to learn and add to the enjoyment of the trip. So, please do yourself a favor, stop, look and learn. Why not add these interesting stops instead of speeding in and out of a rest stop next time you travel?

Interstate 70 is most generally the fastest way from point A to point B, running from near Cove Fort in Utah to near Baltimore Maryland, and the first Interstate Highway Project here in The US; but there are sites along the way..............slow down and enjoy them.

Travel safe my friends and let me know what you see along the way.
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  1. I believe the cross is also an antenna for a religious radio station. I'm not really sure but that's what I've been told. We usually stop in Effingham for a potty and food stop on our way down South.

  2. Love the photo of you and the bison. One of the parks here in town is going to get in three bisons...did you know that?

  3. I made many trips to Illinois, how did I miss that cross? Maybe it was because I always traveled at night, and always got lost!

  4. DaDude, I don't remember reading anything about the radio station when there or when I looked it up to get measurements.

    When and where are the bison coming to town Jan...I must go see them. I think they're awesome animals.

    Alma, the cross is so beautifully lite at night you couldn't miss it if on 70. When were you there last?

  5. We just went past that place on Friday and again today on our way home from visiting our son in St Louis. Great picture of you!

  6. Thanks Karen, we see it on our way to St. Louis also. Funny we travel there to see our daughter.


  7. Illinois trip - Joliet area - where to go?I've got a trip planned for the last weekend in March and will be staying in a sw burb of Chicago called Joliet. Looking for any information or tips on where to go out at night for dinner/clubs/dancing.

  8. Attractions in Illinois...?I'm looking for somewhere to go for a few days at the end of March. Can't be too expensive...maybe camping..or just somewhere cheap yet fun. I'm 16 years old...but I'm going with my mom, grandma, and maybe a friend. My mom and grandma aren't really into the whole nature thing though. Does anyone have any suggestions on place in Illinois to go to?

  9. Whoa! I want to see this "World's largest cross" in reality! ^_^

    At first read, I thought you were saying "This picture of me and THE bison." But, I was wrong. You actually said "This picture of me and MY bison." That's different!^_^

  10. Yeah June, I laugh thinking it's my bison. Hubby has this picture of me and my bison on his desk at I'm sure people think it's weird. Oh well...I'm weird, thank you very much.



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