Look What I'm Packing! Thanks Clara

Getting organized today, I came across this picture.

carry on luggageA red carrying on. A while back I won a contest. I'm a person who's never one to win so was thrilled! Wanted to share with you my prize. I'll be packing this with yarn, water bottle, and book. That's my normal carrying on stuff. My debate is whether or not it will fit below the seat. I never put items up above on the the plane, as I like to have my yarn there. I usually carry a canvas tote; but that means I have to carry it. This has wheels and handle....much better for the back, the sore shoulder, the arthritis etc.

This will be it's maiden voyage. Thanks to Clara. AND....I think I'm gonna buy myself a netbook which will fit nicely in this bag. Then hubby won't complain about me using his computer when we travel. Clara has a wonderful blog, please check it out.
And see ya tomorrow when Flat Stanley will have his 2nd Friday special post for you all. Remember, Friday Fun with Flat Stanley is for everyone, kids, parents, grandparents. PLEASE enjoy.

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  1. Congratulations on your win! That bag looks perfect for carrying on things without having to actually carry it!

  2. You got a nice bag :) congratulations. no matter wherever you go, your goods will be carried easily and still look good.

  3. Congrats, the bag looks great, it's perfect for a 2 days getaway. I've wanted for a while now to buy such a bag, but i've discovered that they cost more than a normal size bag :(.. so, i'm waiting the sales period.

  4. Congrats on the win - Love the bright red bag!


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