Mira The Newfoundland, Miramonte Wineries, Temecula, California

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Mira The NewfoundlerWe were greeted by Mira, The Newfoundland as soon as we got out of the car. She sauntered slowly over to us from her shady spot under the tree, as if on cue. Unsure where to go, we followered her to the door around back. Mira seemed to know the way. She walked up a ramp, obviously made just for her.....

Newfoundler DogShe walked behind the counter in search of someone to assist us. She continued her trek into the back room where she announced our arrival. Or at least it seemed that way; as immediately thereafter we were greeted by someone to pour wine for us.

Mira, The Newfoundler at Miramonte WineryHer job done, Mira rejoined us in the main room and laid down at our feet while we tasted wine and chatted with the hostess. We'd been sent to this particularly winery, Miramonte because I like Pinot Grigio Wine. One of the workers from another winery where we lunched (next post); suggested we make a stop here. She said they were known for their Pinot Grigio.

Miramonte was founded in 2000 and since that time has grown by purchasing additional lands to produce more grapes. They have a nice blog and webpage where you can order wine and learn more about their special Etched Bottles. Like many of the wineries in Temecula Valley, California they have a wine club, and wine tasting. They have entertainment on Friday and Sat; though we elected to avoid the crowds we experienced on our last venture to Temecula and opted for a week day visit. The etched bottles probably appeal to the younger set with a large red tongue sticking out. Not a fan personally; but the etching's were indeed not just painted on...they were etched. They also cater large group events.

porch at Miramonte WineryYou can enjoy your wine on the nice outdoor patio. Even if the weather's a bit cool table heaters are provided. The view from the patio was very nice and peaceful. We were here at the end of the business day; so once we did our tasting at the counter indoors, we made a purchase and headed back to our condo.

Wine Glasses and White WineThis nice bottle of Pinot Grigio was carefully packed in my suitcase for the journey home; as were the 2 wine glass. You keep your wine glasses from the wine tasting; as a souvenir, which is also helpful in remembering which winery you enjoyed. Once home I put colorful napkins in the glasses hoping you can see the logo for Miramonte Wineries (front and back).

The journey across the mountain pass to reach Temecula is beautiful. Lots of switchbacks and here's Ernie and I at one of the beautiful vista's along the way.

Sandy & Ernie enjoying the viewWe had a beautiful day in the sun; though it was quite windy. No doubt that's obvious to you from my blown hairdo. The valley is below us.

If you'd like to learn more about Newfoundlands, please visit my SIL's blog and be sure and tell her I sent ya. She takes part in rescues.

HEY...did you miss Stanley's adventure?

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  1. What a pretty dog! Sounds like a great time was had!

  2. Can't beat a place where you're greeted by a beautiful dog like Mira! Looks like fun!

  3. Looks like you had a great time with an awesome tour guide. I am headed to Orange County in 4 days - can't wait :)

  4. I can't think of anything better than being greeted at a winery by a beautiful Newfoundland. Did you know we're fostering a Newfoundland right now. They're the best dogs in the world!

  5. MIchelle have a great trip.

    Leigh, Beaded Tail and Jan; we did indeed have a great time and plan to return to Temecula...there's still plenty of wineries we've not gone to.

  6. How sweet and beautiful dog Mira is! ^_^ Going to wineries is absolutely fantastic!

  7. Such a cute dog mate. Its hair style is looking absolutely awesome.

  8. That sounds like a nice trip. You must have packed them very well. I would've gotten home with, at the minimum, broken glasses. Have you tried the wine yet?

  9. What a beautiful day you must have had. I bet the doggy misses you.


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