Mon Ami Winery, Port Clinton Ohio

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Mon Ami winery has changed hands many times. It was originally Catawba Island Wine Company which was first organized way back in 1872 by a group of Islanders who grew grapes, though most principally the 3 families were: The Ellithorpe, Neals, and Laudy's. They made 130,000 gallons of wine. (pictured above Me, Julie, & Jan)

In 1937 the winery was purchased by Mon Ami Champagne Co. when they moved from Sandusky after the 18th amendment was repealed. At that time 55 men produced 400,000 to 500,.000 bottles of champagne and wine a year.
(picture from parking lot looking towards outside eating area)
overviewIn 1945, after a terrible fire gutted much of the winery the first floor restaurant was added.

In 1956 it once again changed hands. It was purchased by Norman Mantey, another Sandusky wine grower who's family had been in the business since the 1800's.
The Meier's Wine Cellars purchased Mon Ami in 1980, making it the largest producer in the state at 40-50-,000 gallons of wine.

Mon Ami menugreen birdgreen bird
(a couple brought their pet with them who let me get a photo)
Another purchase took place in 2000, when renovations of the main dining room, the chalet were done as well as a complete over haul of the kitchen. Additionally, a new gift shop was built. Throughout it's many changes of ownership it has maintained the name of Mon Ami.

outside bar Mon Amipicnic area Mon Ami(outside bar area and picnic area beyond)

Today Mon Ami attracts visitors from all over to it's wine tasting, tours, and restaurant. Wine tasting is offered at $1.00 a taste in a relax and fun tasting room that adjoins the gift shop. You can dine in or out; and be entertained on Friday and Sat with live performances. Happy hour runs from 4-7 pm Monday through Friday. A special Sunday Brunch is available. Banquets and weddings in this beautiful historic setting are also available.

Romania server at the wine tastinggirls tasting wine

We had a ball and enjoyed our lunch outside followed by wine tasting and I highly recommend it. .

bird on shouldersisters at lunch at Mon Ami

yummy brieWhen you go, the baked brie is a must!


  1. WEll that is a fun place to visit, a winery. What fun to taste all the different wines. The little bird is cute too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I looked at the blog and the first picture came up all right for me. I have tried it a couple of times. Thanks for letting me know though.

  2. Hi Dandy,

    The party was a blast and i enjoy it almost as much as they do. In previous year I would make pinatas for them, but they are getting too old for that now.

    If you like wineries, you should come to Southern Illinois. We have a ton of them here.


  3. I didn't know there were wineries in Southern Illinois...hum, road trip!

  4. That looks like a fun place to visit. I love how these tiny places you have no idea about can have such a rich history and culture. Thanks for the post.

  5. That place look amazing, just my cup of tea, thanks, it's stacked away for when I do my cross country adventure across you lovely country.
    maggie at expat brazil


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