Free Seats available, Worthington Ohio

historic church signFlat Stanleys here with another Fun Friday with Flat Stanley adventure. St. John's Church was formed way back on Feb. 6th 1804. Can someone please do the math and tell me how old this church is? It indicates it's the First Episcopal Church established in the Northwest Territory. The sign tells us the church was completed in 1831. And that the historic graveyard in it's backyard was established with the burial of Captain Abner Pinney. You might know him, since he's a friend Stanley talked about before HERE.
historic church signThis is the flip side of the sign Flat Stanley is showing you. The alter was brought with the original settlers and is still in use inside this historic little church on the corner of High Street and State Route 161 in Worthington, Ohio. The graveyard has 317 documented burials of which 5 are Revolutionary War Veterans and 7 are veterans of The War of 1812.
funny church signThe church is The Gothic Revival Style. I've attended a wedding in this beautiful little church. Stanley wanted to show you the sign here beside the door. SEATS FREE! Anyone ever seen that listed outside a church before?
St. John's Episcopal ChurchThe bell for the church was also brought here by the first settlers and served the community well since it was used for more then church; but school as well. That same bell is perched high across the street from the church in the bell tower of the community's school.

Flat Stanley suggest the kids look for corner stones, and signs at churches near them to see how they are. Do they have a bell in the bell tower? Does the church have a small cemetery associated with it? Have the kids draw a church, discuss why in years past a cemetery was often associated with the church. How the church was used for community events, community meetings and the center of the community.

Kids love blocks, maybe they could build a church with their blocks. As you look for churches you can walk or ride your bikes too point out the various architectural styles.

As always doing activities with kids helps them learn and remember a location or event. Math, coloring, block building and discussion can be done to enhance to experience with so many of Flat Stanley's adventures.

If you missed any, catch up here:

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  1. Does anybody remember the "King of the Hill" episode with flat Stanley?

  2. Lots of history at that church and graveyard! I haven't seen a Seats Free sign before on a church - it was kind of always unspoken, or unwritten I should say. Interesting!

  3. Free seats, thats funny. Wonder what they meant back in the day. I must look to see if I see that on any of the churches in our area. Wonder if it has meaning within the Episopal Church?

    Flat Stanley is so cool. Kids can learn so much from participating with him.


  4. What a pretty old church. I always find the older churches to be so much prettier than the new modern churches. One this old could surely tell us some stories.


  5. I don't watch King of the Hill so sadly don't remember The Flat Stanley episode Rick.

    BeadedTail, yes unspoken; totally agree.

    Steph, I don't know if has anything to do with Episcopal, but doubt it. Anyone know?

    Laura I agree with you, I too think the older churches are prettier.

  6. I have never seen a sign 'Seats Free' at a church. Must have been someone with a great sense of humor.That certainly is a pretty church. Thanks for all that information.

  7. Yea Marq, maybe that's it, I found it very odd and funny.

  8. Looking nice and yes Laura older really looks so prettier. :)


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