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I've not posted a new blog post for awhile purposely. I've been spending some time wedding out, cleaning up and trying to find a decent way to eliminate spam. I've deleted (almost all still working on it) comments that have nothing to do with the post at hand be they Chinese or Japanese ? characters, or non comments like visit my blog. Yes we all hope for blog walkers to take time and travel from one blog to another, to visit and read and make comments. We all love the interaction. Yes, the more people visit the more encouraged one is to visit their page so it's a two way street. All this internet travel is good, it's fun, and I encourage it. But....I will not visit your page when you leave a comment that says visit my page without taking the time to read or post anything appropriate to the blog post I made here. So, please if you're visiting make your comment (at least part of it) related to the blog post.

I've also been busy deleting lots of blogs on the DoFollow list. Some don't allow comments on their blogs which defeats the give and go spirit of being a Do Follow Blog, others have their blogs set to subscribe only--again that defeats the give and go spirt and they are also being deleted. Additionally blogs that have clearly not been updated are being deleted. I like giving the links, but only to real bloggers; not webpages, not dead end type blogs.

Flat Stanley
will be back tomorrow as schedule with an adventure. And stay tuned in a couple of weeks, one of his cousin's is coming for a special visit. You'll not want to miss Flat Stanley's cousin, Flat Bob's visit.

As you make blog walk abouts, please pop into The Bridge and Beyond. A blog dedicated to knitting and crocheting for homeless is having a blog contest. You can win FREE yarn. The Bridge and Beyond is approaching a blogging milestone, 200 blog posts and is having the contest as a means of celebrating the milestone.

I never pack to travel without giving some thought to what yarn to pack, what yarn to accompanying me on the trip. With that said you might have noticed a new badge on my blog, The Hive. If not, do take a look. It's a wonderful new forum where creative people can get together, have fun, share ideas and learn from each other. I highly recommend it. It's easy, quick and very user friendly. Click here, or my cute little Bee in the sidebar.

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  1. Sandy I totally understand. I have had to monitor comments before they post, What a pain! If you find a way to control the Spam let me know. I have been looking for one that is more user friendly.
    Cleaning out links on the blog. Have been doing that also. Decided, as you have, to remove all those that are not current. I did remove of the widgets and just use the blog roll(print only). It has made my load time much better.
    Crocheting... started a new project it's a pin cushion. I haven't crocheted in a long time, Knitting is my bag. However since my Broken arm is still healing, Crochet is a better choice. I will have to post it once I complete it. Learning again to Crochet what a trip!

  2. You are indeed super busy cleaning up all the mess these spammers have done. I know it's quite hard dealing with spam comments. I for one is a victim of this and I think all of us.

    Anyway, I am excited to check the visit of Flat Stanley's cousin, Flat Bob. He would surely offer very interesting stuffs. ;D

    Not to forget, congratulations to your other blog "Bridge and Beyond" for reaching 200 blog posts. Wow! That is just so terrific! :D

  3. i totally understand what you mean... i get spam sometimes too.. most annoying.

  4. I really love the new spammers that just copy part of the post as a comment or repeat someone else's comment. Did I miss the yarn contest? I'm going over to check it out now. Hope I'm not too late.


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