A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words!

cameraWe've all heard the saying "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words", so regardless of the size or style of camera you use Don't Leave Home without It!

Is your camera fully charged? Do you have extra batteries and or a battery charger packed so you don't miss a special picture or memory because you're batteries are kaput? Do you have an usb plug if you need that for your computer, or an extra memory disc or stick?

Where are you packing your camera? Personally I like the camera in my purse or in my carry on bag even if I'm not flying. Why? You want it close at hand in case there's a photo opportunity before you reach your destination and get unpacked. Batteries add a fair amount of weight which can be a problem if you're flying. Two suggestions, use rechargeable batteries instead of lots of batteries to carry and throw away. Have one set charged and in your camera, a 2nd set charged and packed. When you remove the first set from your camera to put in the charger you still have the 2nd set ready to go. Or, if you use the throw away batteries; have one set in your camera and buy others as soon as you reach your destination instead of buying them at home and packing them. Yes, I know in most vacation resort locations you'll pay more for the batteries; but not as much as paying for a heavy bag.

I much prefer to be green and use my rechargeable style batteries.

Make sure you have your camera strap, either one for around your neck or one for your hand....and USE IT! Don't fall victim to a camera being dropped because you have a strap and don't use it, or didn't bother to put it on the camera when you purchased it.

When photographing your memories, enjoy yourself. Don't spend lots of time arranging people to get the "perfect" shot. It annoys everyone involved. Just take a picture and keep moving. I've heard people say (particularly those with a camera that needs lots of adjustments etc.) that taking photo's is time consuming, and adds stress to the vacation. Don't let it be, click and move on. Don't spent valuable time you could be exploring making sure everyone in your picture is standing in the exact location. Saving memories and sharing the fun is what you're trying to accomplish.
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  1. You can not even know the value of a picture

  2. Thanks SEO and Toplu, be sure and swing back next Thursday for another tip, when truly you'll see how a picture is worth a 1000 words.

  3. Good tips! I never leave home without my camera - even if just going to the grocery store! Never know when I'll need it!

  4. great post i really like it.
    keep posting stuff like this

  5. All that you said is so true.
    I have learned the hard way about batteries.
    Now i use the recharge ones, and I am always charging something.
    My moto is just keep snapping the photos. One of them will turn out

  6. Camera is part of my life and i never go outdoor without my camera.You given very useful tips here. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. I'm with you about the pictures. Just enjoy and then you have the memories. I switched to rechargeable batteries and I'm so glad I did. I'd run through batteries so fast and I couldn't bear contributing all that waste. Thanks for reminding us what's important about pictures.

  8. A camera is a great thing to pack when traveling :) It is so true that a picture is worth a thousand words!


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