Flat Stanley & Flat Joe at a Leathers Playground

entrance to playgroundSilly Stanley, he and Flat Joe missed Friday Fun with Flat Stanley yesterday. They apparently were too busy having a good time to come and post and tell you all about it. Here they both are at Wickliffe Elementary Playground in Upper Arlington, Ohio. This is a very special playground you see. It was built in 1989-1990 as a community build. Everyone got in the act. First all the school kids told Leathers People what they wanted in their playground. The kids talked, drew pictures, and made models. Then a plan was drawn up by by The Leathers Team and presented to the parents along with the price tag. Fund-raising ensued and for a week everyone came together, students, teachers, parents, and neighbors in the community to building this fabulous playground. Everyone was involved in some manner. Some took care of tools, some carried work equipment to and from, others prepared food and drink to keep us workers going hour after hour, others babysat so parents could pound nails Follow us now and we'll show you this marvelous playground. Come on in through the gate where Flat Stanley and Flat Joe are....

Flat JoeHang on Joe, it swings. That's pretty cool. See behind Flat Joe? Things of different sizes for different age kids to enjoy. Fun spaces to crawl and play hide n seek, places to climb, places to sit and read. Even a little stage where kids can perform.

Flat Stanley & Flat JoeFlat Stanley here walking on a rail, while Flat Joe is exercising on the rings. Look careful and or click to enlarge the picture to see Joe.
Leathers PlaygroundWalkways, Castles, benches, play phones, swings, and slides and more. Flat Stanley and Flat Joe had a marvelous time playing and learning all about this really cool playground; but you know what they thought was the coolest? People working together to accomplish good are unstoppable. Flat Joe of Joseph Allen's Designs, said it's just like all the people pulling together on The Bridge and Beyond, there they make a difference one stitch at a time, and here they built a playground one board at a time.

Joe's on his way home now after 4 fun adventures here with Flat Stanley. If you missed any of their fun, you can catch up here:
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  1. Wow! That is a cool playground. I love that the community got together to plan and build it. We have a playground in our town that was done the same way.

  2. out of curiosity, how many flat joe do you have. i so love your idea

  3. Flat Joe belongs to the jewelry maker Joseph Allen who's link is in the post. Flat Stanley is my guy the one I use for my Friday posts. I actually have made 2. One smaller one and a larger one.

  4. That is a great playground. I really love the story about how the town united to work together to bring it to life.

  5. That is an impressive playground, and is much better than that artsy modern stuff they try and put in play grounds now. Our good wooden play-sets were torn down, but maybe that is just California.


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