Laundry, Prepping for Travel

Laundry, something we all do all the time. Something you can't get away from no matter how hard you try. It's like the EverReady Bunny, it's just keep going and going. lol

You do laundry all 4 seasons of the year, you do it before after and sometimes during your travels. So, what's so important we need to talk about it here in this post? Laundry is a part of prepping for your travels. Make you life easy, make less work. As you do your laundry a week before departing for an adventure; set aside items you plan to pack and don't wear them. Lay them out on an extra bed (cover them if you have fur babies in the house that won't leave them alone). In the course of a normal week most of us do laundry multiple times. If you do this with all your laundry for the week, you'll have very little you actually need to get out of the closet or draws to get ready to pack. AND best of all, you won't have to do a last minute laundry because something you want isn't clean and ready.

There other benefit is, you have the opportunity to review things without feeling rushed about what to pack. You can see what might work or not, what might need a button sewn on etc. AND by keeping up with the laundry you're not pressed the minute you get home. It's also a good idea to launder, iron and have ready the outfit you'll need for your first day back at work before you go. If you're delayed getting home; you'll have what you need and not need to do laundry in the wee hours of morning to have something to wear to work; in won't even have to unpack right'll have what you need for your first day back.

Make your life simpler, plan ahead with this simple plan. It's saved us a couple of times. Getting stuck at the airport or even when driving due to weather and not making it back in town as scheduled doesn't have to stress you out, if you're ready.

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