Considerations when Traveling

Things we usually check into when we're about to travel are:
Do we need to rent a car? If we're flying
Are there on line coupons are specials for golf? Or other activities
Do we need to book dinner reservations ahead?
Do we need to pack our own wine?
Are there tours that can be taken?
What historical sites to see are there?
What time zone we will be, very important to know all the time; but particularly so if flying

That list covers alot of territory and is good for almost any place you plan to travel. Do you have a list? It's Sunday, and that's Sandy's Seven on Sunday...with regard to travel that is. Leave a comment, and join the Sunday 7 Meme. Primary rules are to leave a comment and visit other's on the list. Running late today, so this will go til later tomorrow Monday.

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  1. hi, I love to travel and have a little tip for international travelling which certainly saved me a lot of trouble and time!
    I recommend you copy the main page in your passport and keep this separate in your luggage (ie not with your passport and other documents.)
    I had my bag snatched in Asia a few years back. Because I had a copy of my passport, I easily managed to get a replacement travel document from my consulate.

  2. Excellent advice Kathy. Think I posted that some time back; but it's always good to put those reminders out there.
    Thanks for the visit

  3. Just out of curiosity, when would you need to pack your own wine? What do you look into that helps you make that decision? I never would have thought to do that.


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