Flat Stanley at Franklin Park

War is HellHere's Flat Stanley in Franklin park at 1777 Broad Street (Broad & Main) in Columbus, Ohio. "War is Hell", a famous quote from William Tecumseh Sherman. On this site General Sherman gave a stirring and memorable speech to a group of Civil War Veterans in August of 1880.

General William Tecumseh Sherman is probably best known for his "March to the Sea" bringing about the end of The American Civil War. Some folks might argue he destroyed much that didn't need to be destroyed, others felt he got carried away, while others (including many modern day historians) feel he probably saved lives by bringing an end to The War that had cost the country so much. Many feel The March to the Sea is much like the dropping of The Atom Bomb in Japan...the only way to obtain a surrender and put an end to The War. The South had children fighting, old men trying to guard cities, and Slaves forced against their will to fight on The side of The Confederacy...the side fighting to keep them down.

Though that might be the first thing one would think of thinking of Sherman, he was much more then a soldier. He was a businessman, an Educator, an author. He was The Superintendent at Louisiana State Seminary. He was a railroad-man in St. Louis. He was one of 11 children left penny-less when his father, Charles Robert Sherman (member of the State of Ohio Supreme Court), died and left the family nothing to live on. William Tecumseh Sherman, then 9 years old was raised by a neighbor and family friend in Lancaster, Ohio; Thomas Ewing. He later married Ewing's daughter.

There's much controversy and intrigue around his middle name of Tecumseh. Friends called him "Cump", short for Tecumseh and so it would seem that was indeed his name. His father was an admirer of The Indian, Tecumseh. Some records indicate he obtained the name William when he was baptized as a child, other records indicate he received the name William when baptized later in life after moving in with The Ewing family.

The famous quote and speech was delivered on what had been the grounds for The State Fair. Like Schiller Park, these historic park's were used for large public gatherings.

Sherman was born Feb 8th, 1820 and died Feb. 14th 1891. There were several services. A pallbearer at one service in New York had been a high ranking general for The Confederacy. His final service was conducted by his son, Thomas Ewing Sherman a Jesuit Priest in St. Louis. He's buried there in St. Louis at Calvary Cemetery.
Franklin Park is a large 93+acre park open daily to the public. Flat Stanley says come, walk, run, romp and enjoy. This park the original location of The State Fair has much to offer including The Franklin County Park Conservatory. A park with history, and space for all to enjoy. Bring the family and explore.

Spring is approaching and Flat Stanley wants everyone to get out and enjoy a park near them. Look around, explore it. Is there a historic sign? If so, take the time to learn from it. Have the children learn by mapping out the park, or helping you find locations in the park, draw pictures of what they see, make a glossary list of new words presented at the park. Do math by figuring out how far away the park is, how long it took you to get there. Flat Stanleys motto is education is fun, and every experience presents both opportunities. Take advantage of them.

See you next week for more fun on Friday with Flat Stanley on March 18th.

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