Claudia's Bar in Aruba

**Friday is usually the day for Flat Stanley, but he's out and about for a couple of weeks, he asked that you keep checking in, when he returns...he'll have a special announcement to make**

Happy Hour SignWalking down the public beach (all beaches in Aruba are open and free to the public), this sign caught our attention. After all, it was time for Happy Hour. Normally we spend happy hour either at a pool bar where we're staying or on our balcony for a break out of the sun as we make dinner plans. But, we decided to take a walk on the beach and stopped here. These prices are the best on The Beach (Palm Beach). Balashi Beer is Aruba's beer, made right there. So, when in Aruba, don't drink Bud, you can do that at home; drink Balashi. It's made with their world famous water. Water in Aruba comes from the desalination plant. Notice the horseshoe pit behind the sign. It was a busy area each and everyday with lots of activity. Playing horseshoes right on the beach much like here you'd see Corn Hole being played here in The States.
outside Claudia's BarThis is no ordinary bar along the beach. This is CLAUDIA's BAR. There are many bars up and down the beach associated with hotels, and time shares; but everyone knows Claudia's. It's not large, it's not fancy. In fact, it's funky and full of fun friendly people. This photo was taken one morning before opening time.
Playa Linda'sTo help you find you way to Claudia's Bar, this is a side view of Playa Linda's. Notice the blue horseshoe pit again? Claudia's is to the left of the horseshoe pit. This is one of bars associated with Playa Linda's. We weren't staying at Playa Linda's, but met many people who were staying there, some have come 16+ years! Click on the link to check it out, you can see why people return year after year.

Claudia at workAnd here's Claudia hard at work. A sweet tiny little gal from Columbia. She's worked here for 6 years, prior to being in the bar she waitressed on the beach. You can see some of what makes this bar so special, so unique. Look at the walls!
wall art at Claudia's BarPick a state, a country, a sports team and you'll find a hat someone's left Claudia or mailed to her through the hotel after arriving back home. There are hats, badges, business cards, licenses plates and personal pictures on every available piece of wall in the bar. But, it doesn't stop there. Be sure and click to enlarge the picture to see the variety of locations among the memorabilia.

Ernie, Claudia and IEveryone enjoys getting their picture taken with Claudia. This was our last night enjoying happy hour at Claudia's. She said Friday and Sat are sad days, everyone says goodbye. Then on Sunday (the typical check in for Playa Linda's), all friends return. She remembers them, and they remember her. See all the signatures on the bar? A black marker gives everyone the opportunity to sign the bar, inside or outside; wherever they can find a spot.

signature at Claudia'sI had to stand on tip toes on the bar stool to add our names to Claudia's. Sandy H & Ernie OSU, that's us! Claudia says if you sign the bar you have to come back and make sure it's still there. No problem. We're already planning when to go again.

OSU hatThis was one of several OSU hats we found at Claudia's. AND....turn on your sound and click HERE, for a cute u-tube video someone made during their fun visit to Claudia's. She's famous!

Previous Aruba post is HERE, if you missed it.
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  1. No way ~ Aruba???!!! Never been ~ But hope to soon! Love checking in every once in-awhile to see where you are :) Sort of like "Where ind the world is Waldo now? :))

  2. Thanks for the visit Ollie, you could have left the dup posting, sometimes the net just get's carried away.

  3. Looks like you had another wonderful adventure in Aruba. Good for you! Tks for stopping by my blog again. I don't visit Entrecard that much anymore, therefore I miss out visiting blogs like yours. Sorry! We are doing fine, just staying too busy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. nice post...i read your post first time i am really impress...i share this with my friends on my website...thanks

  5. I have been in Aruba, some 10 months back and trust me its one of the greatest honeymoon destination for couple.

  6. Aside from Mexico, Aruba is one of the nicest place to party. I love the smell of the sea and the sound of the island music encouraging you to dance.


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