Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills State Park has much to offer anyone who enjoys outdoor beauty. This is NOT a place suitable for wearing flip flops unless you're taking one of the paved physically challenged trails. There are 6 area's to hike and picnic in: Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Conkle's Hollow, Cantewell Cliffs, and Rock House. Each are unique and interesting. Each are beautiful. You definitely want your camera. Some of the areas are more suited to adults, some are easy enough for children. Above I believe is Old Man's Cave. That space between the rocks...a rather tight squeeze.
This is very popular Ash Caves, a bit more opened. That's hubby going across to reach a waterfall on the other side. Ash Caves is generally very busy in summer months, but less so in early Spring and Fall.
Tall Hemlock Trees are beautiful and let light filter in; but many areas of the trails are slippery from moss covered rocks, and dampness from water falls.
The base area of Ash Caves is a sometimes spot for an outdoor wedding. Picture quality isn't good, but I stayed my distance wanting them to have their privacy.
Many of the trails are filled with interest plants, bugs, and other insects. I kept walking slowly to get a picture of this one.
Behind the water all at Cedar Falls here. Cedar Falls is also known for a large population of Snapping Turtles, another good reason to wear hiking boots.

Come and spend the day, picnic and hike there's much to see and enjoy. A large variety of rock formations, wild life, waterfalls, overlooks, visitor center, and naturalist cabin. Or spend more time and camp in the camp ground. Maybe you're not that "into" being outdoors and want more then a tent for the night; no problem. There are many cabins for rent both in the State Park and privately in the area.

Old Man's Cave is probably the most well known of the 6 areas and was named for Richard Rowe who lived in a cave there after the Civil War. Sadly, he killed himself; though historians say it was an accident involving his gun. It is said he was buried there in one of the caves by the local Native Tribes; but where...no one knows. There are 25 miles of hiking trails in the State Park, with a wide range of degree of difficulty; something for everyone.

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  1. Beautiful place... makes me want to visit it this summer.

  2. Great pictures! I just loved Hocking Hills. Have you ever rented a cabin? We have and it is wonderful!! :)

    Life Full of Laughter


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