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Shelter houseIsn't this a nice view? Wouldn't you like to be there right now? You could. If not here, perhaps in a similar spot in your own neck of the woods. This is Whetstone Park, which is 90 acre metro park in Columbus on the north side just off High Street (Route 23). There is much to see and do here. Plenty of places to run, to walk, to build a fire, to have a picnic, to just enjoy. Lots of big trees that provide plenty of shade. Take a book, on yarn and sit and enjoy. Listen to the sounds of birds chirping, children playing, people having fun. Every city or town, no matter how large or small has such a place. Green public places. Do you take time to enjoy them? I bet most people are saying no. As much as I like to outdoors, and as close as I am to this lovely park; have to say it's been years since we've gone. What a shame. It's lovely. There are places in the sun if you want to sun yourself, places in the shade, open areas to run with the kids and the pets, paths to walk or run with a stroller perhaps. There picnic tables both in and outside of the shelter houses. 90's large, plenty of space. The Park of Roses is also here for those who want to stroll through beautiful gardens.

bridge over the casting pondsWalk across the bridge and see the casting ponds on both sides. Stop and enjoy the view.

casting pondCheck with the community building for a schedule of events like lessons or little competitions for children at the casting ponds. Great entertainment. In the winter these same casting ponds freeze and make a wonderful, and safe place to iceskate. The shelter house has a fireplace to get warm during that season as well.

Look around your fair city, there's something almost in your backyard to explore. Take advantage of it and enjoy. If you're in my neck of the wood............come stroll Whetstone Park with me.
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  1. Oh I remember the roses there - they were always so beautiful! My Bear learned to swim in that big fountain they have, LOL He just jumped right in one day - I didn't know whether to be horrified or embarrassed!

  2. Great post. Many people forget that there are some really nice places right underneath their nose!


  3. We have a nature park near by with several paths to explore and the kids LOVE that.

    The new town center put in a fountain that they allow kids to play in and they even rent out towels...for FREE. It's a great break and fun to watch all the kids splash and blow off steam.

    Your park is pretty too :)

  4. What a pretty park! :) Would be a lovely place to spend an afternoon.


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