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Include Art Festivals in your Travels

Got a shovel, a rusted rake and screw drivers you don't know what to do with? Fred Jacobs of Lima Ohio (41-222-3659) uses his creative mojo to make something fun, interesting and useable. This is re-purposed, re-cycled, clever and a favorite item I recently saw at Upper Arlington Labor Neighbor Day and Arts Festival. I got his business card and had his permission to photograph his work. Assumed his business card would have his webpage url, sorry to say it doesn't. The Card reads Visions and Memories Fred Jacobs. I wasn't able to find him listed when I googled his name or Visions and Memories. There were lots of metal sculptures present at The Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival. We, walking distance from the house for this event; but I do highly recommend it, and all arts festivals in your travels. We've been luck in our travels to hit one in Park City a few months ago, one in Breckenridge last summer and others. Check with your hotel desk …