Include Art Festivals in your Travels

Got a shovel, a rusted rake and screw drivers you don't know what to do with? Fred Jacobs of Lima Ohio (41-222-3659) uses his creative mojo to make something fun, interesting and useable. This is re-purposed, re-cycled, clever and a favorite item I recently saw at Upper Arlington Labor Neighbor Day and Arts Festival. I got his business card and had his permission to photograph his work. Assumed his business card would have his webpage url, sorry to say it doesn't. The Card reads Visions and Memories Fred Jacobs. I wasn't able to find him listed when I googled his name or Visions and Memories. There were lots of metal sculptures present at The Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival. We, walking distance from the house for this event; but I do highly recommend it, and all arts festivals in your travels. We've been luck in our travels to hit one in Park City a few months ago, one in Breckenridge last summer and others. Check with your hotel desk staff to see what's in your area while you vacation. Support local artists. 99% of you will purchase souvenirs of your trips, why not make it art from a local artist while you're at it.
I considered buying this little guy (not the same artist). I didn't see business cards for this artist to share with you. Many of the metal scuptures were large and would be awesome in a beautiful garden, this one I thought might be cute sitting on my deck....and I love a good martini. Perhaps we'll come across this little frog another time in another arts festival. Cat lower right right is pretty cute too.
Hey Gator fans......think you need this one for your front yard. lol This is the same artist as the frog.
Pinon Designs. This Red Creek Agate looks great around my neck. I like interesting, and unique jewelry pieces. This is the 2nd necklace I've purchased this summer at art festivals. Leslie Heath and Christian Wig are the artists listed. Though no website is listed there is an email
This year the festival was held on September 5th from 10 am to 5 pm. It is always a free event with something for everyone. Often it's hot and dusty, this year it was cool and overcast; but that didn't stop the festival goers. It threaten rain all day; but luckily we all stayed dry.
Plenty of space to move around, to enjoy the art, to sit down and enjoy a snack or just rest your feet a bit. There were children's activities scattered about. Hands on art activities for the kids, face painting, bike races in the morning, a pet show and a family Wiffle Ball Tournament.
Neighbors catch up and celebrate the end of summer, the beginning of fall.
You can tell I was into the metal art this year, look at this Bumble cute he'd look in a nice large garden area. This years event had 350 applicants with 200 fine art, fine craft artists being selected to participate in this one day blind juried event. Mark your calendars for next and add this to your Labor Day list of things to do.
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  1. My compliments, you are also a very good photographer!

  2. Another informational, enjoyable post to read.......thanks for putting it together.


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